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Will consumers ever be interested in the smart home?

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The Internet of Things is picking up pace in a variety of different areas – smart cities, healthcare and the workplace are all starting to benefit from the use of internet-connected sensors and the data they transmit. But one area that has been slow to develop is the smart home.

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Food, water, shelter, the Internet should be accessible to all

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During this year’s TMT Predictions Schools Challenge Final, a variety of ideas were united by a common thread: that technology and the Internet are vital for education. As the winning team explained, education should not be seen as a luxury but as a necessity which can be provided globally through technology. The students are not alone in their thinking; the rhetoric among many of the tech giants such as Mozilla, Google and Facebook is that connectivity has become a vital resource in the 21st Century and is crucial for providing education worldwide.

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How telecom operators can meet customers’ rising expectations

Digital transformation

The rapid growth and use of smartphones has changed customer behaviour and their expectations interacting with different business providers. Embracing ‘over the top’ (OTT) services such as instant messaging platforms offers operators one such mechanism to engage with customers in a fast and convenient manner. 

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Media & Telecoms 2016 & Beyond conference – The highlights


And here I am at the fifth year of the Deloitte and Enders Analysis co-hosted Media & Telecoms 2016 & Beyond Conference. This grand, chandeliered hall is bursting with 400 of the most senior executives in the UK media and telecommunications industries including WPP, BT, Google, Sky, BBC and many many more.

Every attendee will have taken something different from the conference, but I would like to share my five main observations:

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Do you influence? …Take another selfie

Media consumer

Voices, opinions and make-up tutorials can be effortlessly shared on a global scale. The abundance of smartphones, apps and bandwidth allow individual “influencers” to curate professional content and gather immediate feedback.

Organisations face challenges in their ability to influence customers to the same scale. The power of individuals in contrast lies in building an intimate and authentic engagement with their audience. Brands are now regularly partnering with rising YouTube phenomena and Vine megastars to promote products.

These evolutions in technology and attitude reflect prominently in our personal lives. 76% of UK adults now own a smartphone and collectively, we look at our phones over 1 billion times a day. Our demands for streaming videos, uploading photos and sharing our lives have been met by increasing mobile bandwidth. Current 4G network performance is now double that of 3G and over 250 times faster than GSM networks’ top speed of 58 Kbit/s.

With this power at our fingertips, how is the UK public riding the mobile revolution?

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If you can’t change them, join them: key learning from the Media Consumer survey launch

Media cosnumer

How do we ‘consume’ media? With more devices and platforms than ever, there is certainly no lack of choice. As the use of smartphones and tablets is now such an integral part of our everyday lives, it is vital for companies of all industries to understand our habits and how they shape our decisions.

The ninth annual Deloitte Media Consumer Survey presents its findings, focusing on how four generations of consumers (aged 16-75) interact with media, the challenges this creates, and how the industry can use this information to create more relevant and captivating content.

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Wearables, VR headsets, 5G, IoT? Mobile World Congress 2015 had it all

MWC pic

The 10th edition of Mobile World Congress (MWC) was packed with new gadgets and technologies. This year, it was increasingly obvious that the event is becoming a cross-industry affair as more things get connected. The conference attracted more than 90,000 attendees and 2,000 exhibiting companies ranging from the world’s largest mobile operators, software companies, equipment providers, internet companies, plus companies from industry sectors such as automotive, finance and healthcare.

Looking back at some of the things I’ve seen at the event, three key themes, in my opinion, dominated the conference floor.

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Smartphones: building blocks of new models for public service

Building cardsCROP

Digital mobile technologies have changed much of what we know about public service delivery models. Do smartphones have the capabilities of becoming the building blocks of new models for public service?   

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Pictures, Apps, Games, Videos, Music…oh, and it makes calls: The smartphone generation

With the latest Deloitte TMT Predictions anticipating 1bn smartphone upgrades in 2015, and 1.15bn in 2016, what is causing the increasing number of users to upgrade their devices?

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Hold the phone: Europe’s new data privacy regulation

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With a single law for data protection across Europe on its way, the privacy debate is a hotter topic than ever before.  But what will this really mean for the Telco industry?

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