Change for good

Change opportunity for business transformation

By Ian Howse

Ian Howse, senior partner at Deloitte in Wales, looks at how successful businesses adapt to stay ahead of the game.

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ESG: A new necessity for the M&A agenda

Deloitte ESG and M+A

By Martyn Gregory & Phil Lane

Martyn Gregory and Phil Lane, corporate finance advisory partners in Deloitte’s South & Wales M&A team, highlight the increasingly important role ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is playing in the M&A agenda for corporates and private equity.

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My career - from graduate to partner

Shaun Curtis graduate to Deloitte partner

By Shaun Curtis

Shaun Curtis is a tax partner at Deloitte in Wales who specialises in personal tax. Looking back on his career path from graduate to partner, Shaun explores the opportunities available to anyone considering a career in tax at Deloitte.

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Building relationships to respond, recover and thrive

Deloitte South West building back better

By Martyn Gregory and Phil Lane

Martyn Gregory and Phil Lane, who lead Deloitte's corporate finance advisory team in the South and Wales, consider how relationships are at the heart of businesses building back better and look back at some of their recent deal activity.

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FinTech - building blocks for continued success in Wales

Fintech in Wales building blogs

By David Rozier

David Rozier, a director at Deloitte in Cardiff and an advisory panel member at FinTech Wales, looks at the strength of FinTech in Wales as one of the UK’s high growth clusters.

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Why strategy drives success for owner managed businesses

Strategy means success for OMBs

By Phil Lane

Phil Lane, financial advisory and consumer partner at Deloitte, looks at owner managed businesses and why a clear strategy is essential to success.

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#ChooseToChallenge the importance of role models

Challenge importance of role models

By Sarah Kruger

Sarah Kruger, director and TechWorks lead at Deloitte, talks about her experiences of working in a male dominated environment and how her thinking on role models has changed through the course of her career.

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#ChooseToChallenge social mobility

Challenge social mobility

By Tess Williams

Tess Williams, a partner in our South West & Wales tax practice, talks about her career path and explains why social mobility and opportunities for all are important to her.

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#ChooseToChallenge a gender equal mindset

Challenge gender equal mindset

By Ian Howse

Ian Howse, senior partner for Deloitte in Wales, talks about a gender equal mindset and how it can enable people to reach their full potential.

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#ChooseToChallenge gendered Zoom behaviour

Challenge gendered behaviours

By Natalie Hearn

This International Women’s Day, Natalie Hearn challenges what she considers to be gendered behaviours, especially those encountered on Zoom calls.

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