From Datathon to Deloitte: Now it's your turn to get involved...

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With DataFest 18 coming up and Deloitte’s team organising our second Datathon in the Edinburgh office, I’ve been thinking about how I went from being a casual competition-goer to a consultant in the firm. To quote one of our directors, I’ve gone “from Datathon to Deloitte” – a journey I didn’t necessarily expect to go through one year ago. 

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Public sector technology predictions: I never make them and I never will

TMT blog AMJanuary must be the most predictable month of the year. Gym visits go up, decorations come down, and we all reflect on what the year ahead could bring. Here at Deloitte, every January we report on how trends in technology, media and telecommunications will play out in our TMT Predictions report. As the saying goes, I never make predictions and I never will, but three of this year’s predictions stood out for me as especially significant for government and the public sector.

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Is wearable technology the future of your business?


Business has long taken an interest in the latest gadgets, from the advent of the mobile phone, through the rise of the Blackberry and video conferencing. But as wearable technology gains ground in the consumer market, can you see your staff wearing personal tech? It might not be as futuristic as it sounds, according to our latest Tech Trends report...

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