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Mind the gap

Scottish budget blog image useOnly 5 weeks ago, the UK Chancellor Philip Hammond gave his Budget speech announcing that “the era of austerity (is) finally coming to an end”.  On 12 December the Scottish Finance and Economy Secretary, Derek Mackay, will deliver his Scottish Budget detailing the Government’s spending and tax plans for the coming year.  The question on many Scottish taxpayers’ minds is whether their finances will enjoy a post austerity boost.

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Scotland’s Productivity Challenge

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Productivity and jobs are vital to the wealth and welfare of Scotland.  If we could solve Scotland’s productivity challenge, this would provide a unique opportunity to create a more prosperous society and improve living standards.

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Celebrating Scottish Entrepreneurship

Summit award blog image

We have been proud sponsors of the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards for many years now.

This year, the awards which are now called the Summit Entrepreneurship Awards shifted up a gear and were part of a wider campaign to celebrate Scottish entrepreneurship. The campaign along with STV and Entrepreneurial Scotland showcased 9 inspirational stories exploring the entrepreneurial mindset, illustrating its brilliance and highlighting the value to our country’s economy and broader society. 

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World Mental Health Day: Are you OK?

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Are you OK?  Three simple words.  Have you recently wanted to ask a colleague that question?  Have you wanted someone to ask you?  As we mark World Mental Health Day today, take a moment to think about that little question and the power it can have.

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Ten years on from Lehman Brothers – the CASS journey

CASS blog imageWhere did CASS as we know it come from? The Lehman collapse was the first time that the CASS rules had been put to the test on a large scale. The sums of money claimed by the UK investment bank’s clients were vastly greater than the sums segregated by Lehman’s as client money.

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Management Incentive Plans - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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The growth of management and employee ownership in recent years has been recognised as a force for good in the success of such businesses in Scotland in recent years.  The benefits are obvious for both management and Private Equity (PE).  Those with an ownership stake are much more likely to be incentivised to drive a business forward, thus increasing the size of the ‘pie’ for the investors. 

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Rising to the challenge

Charity Challenge blog

As the saying goes, 'if something that you're doing doesn't challenge you, then it doesn't change you'. In September nearly 300 colleagues from across Deloitte will be taking on some of their greatest challenges by taking part in one of six adventures across six countries to raise money for our One Million Futures, charity partners. Here's Debbie's story...

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Fintech for good: Putting the focus on what is truly important

Fintech for good 3 aug

If Edinburgh is to be the data capital of Europe, we must use this as a platform to create and build solutions that can tackle some important issues. Examples of this could be in addressing challenges such as low levels of financial inclusion, a lack of financial education and awareness and help to structure a broader support network for marginalised communities such as the homeless, or supporting in reducing mental health issues caused by a lack of assistance for some people struggling to manage their finances.

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Not all teams are created equally...

Digital blog image July18

Last summer, when I sat down with Debbi McLean, my co-principal here at Deloitte Digital Scotland, to discuss how we needed to grow our team over the coming months, we were fortunate to have a shining example of the kind of humans we wanted to hire.

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Vision 2035: Extrapolating the present won’t deliver for the future

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History is littered with examples of brands that once dominated their respective markets but, through a combination of lack of innovation, inefficient execution and focusing internally instead of on customers, have gone on to suffer a massive fall in market share against rivals.

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