Diversification: A new chapter for the oil and gas services sector


Mergers and acquisitions are engrained in the oil and gas industry’s DNA. But while traditionally such activity in the North East has focused on international expansion, often driven by customer demand, the oil price collapse has cultivated a much more dynamic mergers & acquisitions (M&A) environment.

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Tackling Scotland's Productivity Challenge - Alison Moore of the Scottish Policy Foundation

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Continuing our theme of productivity, we're delighted to share a guest blog from Alison Moore, Director of the Scottish Policy Foundation. 

Scotland’s economy lags similar sized advanced economies in most measures, including that of productivity. Closing this so-called productivity gap – for Scotland and for the UK as a whole - is an economic prize that is well worth pursuing, since productivity is the single most important factor in determining the wealth of a nation.

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How digital can help unlock productivity - Kate Forbes, Scotland’s Digital Economy Minister

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Following a recent visit to our Edinburgh office, we're delighted that Kate Forbes MSP, Scotland's Digital Economy Minister has provided a guest blog providing her perspectives on how digital can help unlock productivity. 

Productivity is vital for a nation’s long-term, sustainable growth and is underpinned by a skilled and diverse workforce. I believe that digital is an area that can help unlock workplace productivity and there is undoubtedly a role for government in doing as much as we can to support this.

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Deadline day – 12 tips to ensure your tax return is ready

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Over 11 million people in the UK need to file self-assessment tax returns by 31 January each year and, with the deadline for filing a paper tax return for 2017/18 having passed on 31 October 2018, returns now need to be filed electronically to avoid a penalty.

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Digital disruption: gauging the public sector’s digital maturity 

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One of the best parts of my job is that I talk to a lot of public sector leaders about technology. One recurring theme in those conversations is that people tend to underestimate progress in their own organisations while overestimating progress elsewhere – inevitably, many wrongly assume that others are striding ahead of them with digital transformation. The same is true in the private sector as well, and it’s one of the reasons that Deloitte has developed a Digital Disruption Index. We wanted to explore the realities of ‘digital maturity’ and the factors behind it.

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Talent, achievement and delivery: 2018 has been a successful year for Deloitte and Scotland’s business community

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It is probably fair to say that 2018 will be remembered by many for the UK’s preparations ahead of Brexit.

At the time of writing, the details of how the country plans to leave the European Union have still to be finalised and exactly how it will affect us all remains to be seen.

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Mind the gap

Scottish budget blog image useOnly 5 weeks ago, the UK Chancellor Philip Hammond gave his Budget speech announcing that “the era of austerity (is) finally coming to an end”.  On 12 December the Scottish Finance and Economy Secretary, Derek Mackay, will deliver his Scottish Budget detailing the Government’s spending and tax plans for the coming year.  The question on many Scottish taxpayers’ minds is whether their finances will enjoy a post austerity boost.

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Scotland’s Productivity Challenge

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Productivity and jobs are vital to the wealth and welfare of Scotland.  If we could solve Scotland’s productivity challenge, this would provide a unique opportunity to create a more prosperous society and improve living standards.

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Celebrating Scottish Entrepreneurship

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We have been proud sponsors of the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards for many years now.

This year, the awards which are now called the Summit Entrepreneurship Awards shifted up a gear and were part of a wider campaign to celebrate Scottish entrepreneurship. The campaign along with STV and Entrepreneurial Scotland showcased 9 inspirational stories exploring the entrepreneurial mindset, illustrating its brilliance and highlighting the value to our country’s economy and broader society. 

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Front and centre: putting public service leadership in its place

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Citizens are showing increasing concern about public services and the certainty of future provision[1]. Public sector productivity is now estimated at a lower level than in 2015[2]. The traditional boundaries of public, private and third sector are increasingly irrelevant, with all now involved in public service delivery.  Today’s public service leaders need much more support to lead services across boundaries in a dynamic and volatile context.

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