Graduate Recruitment in Deloitte in Scotland

A day in the life of… Sithu Aye

Ditl of Sithu blog

Continuing our series on what it’s really like to work at Deloitte, we speak to Sithu Aye, a technology consulting analyst in our Glasgow office. In a brief interview, he talks about how, despite not ever really having a “typical day”, things are about to change dramatically for him.

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The ticket to success: all you need to know about the ICAS CA qualification

ICAS grad blog

Are you just about to start Deloitte’s graduate scheme? Or are you a student considering a career at the firm? Either way, you’ll want to know a bit more about an important part of your development here: the ICAS CA qualification. In the third and final instalment of Deloitte’s graduate series, this blog outlines what to expect when you begin studying with ICAS.

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Digital insurance: how Scottish insurers can win the war for talent

Digital wires2

The rise of digital has been unstoppable in every sector. It’s seen fundamental change take place across many industries, with traditional paths to the consumer disrupted by new technology.  

For some this has created huge opportunities. For others it’s meant challenges; even the risk of becoming obsolete. But for most it’s been a mixture of the two through changing consumer expectations, new market entrants and increasing competition.

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You’re hired: the graduate guide to getting a job at Deloitte

Grad blog 1 Sept15

Do you have a degree in reproductive biology? Are you interested in cake decorating? If you can bring something a little different to the mix, then Deloitte wants to hear from you!

These aren’t necessarily the most obvious skills that come to mind when looking at Deloitte’s graduate recruitment scheme; but showing your true personality can be a great opportunity to set yourself apart from other applicants. Just ask Lisa Thomson and Dean Nodzak…

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What would I tell my graduate self?

Ian Grad blog

We all have to make choices every day of our lives. Some are simple, routine, snap judgements, others have a more profound impact on our lives, how they take shape, and the professional and personal interests we end up pursuing.

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The race for talent: how banks can keep up with graduates' demands


While banking remains the most popular career choice for business students in the UK, increasing numbers are saying that they don’t see financial institutions as being particularly innovative – an important consideration in their future careers.

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Addressing the skills gap, by Archie Kennedy of Nexen

Nexen blog

Ahead of speaking at the 10th annual Young Professionals in Oil and Gas (YPOG) dinner on November 27, Archie Kennedy, UK Managing Director and Vice President, Europe, for Nexen outlines how the oil and gas industry can address the widening skills gap it currently faces.

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Identical twin-terests: introducing the real world of sibling rivalry


You might have heard us saying before that we believe in the power of the individual; the ability of one person to do great things. So if one person can make such a difference, what if there were two of them almost exactly alike?

No, we’re not revealing some nefarious clone army (although…), but twins George and Lauren Headley – both graduate trainees at Deloitte in Scotland – are working towards making the power of the individual a real family affair.

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