Corporate finance in Deloitte in Scotland

The race for talent: how banks can keep up with graduates' demands


While banking remains the most popular career choice for business students in the UK, increasing numbers are saying that they don’t see financial institutions as being particularly innovative – an important consideration in their future careers.

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New Stock Exchange programme could lead to more Scottish IPOs – if the price is right

ELITE imageThe ELITE programme launched recently by the London Stock Exchange is intended to help fast-growing companies reach the point where a public listing could be a viable next step for growth. But will it make a difference in Scotland, which in recent years had a tentative relationship with the public markets?

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CFO survey: a spring in the step?

Spring cfo

What a difference a year makes. Around this time last year we were talking about a triple dip recession, but now the picture looks a bit brighter.  

The first quarter of 2014 has been full of positive news. It kicked off well with the announcement that 2013 saw the UK economy grow at its fastest rate in six years. And towards the end of the quarter, it was announced the UK would be the fastest growing member of the G7.

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