Impact day blog

By David Fitzsimons, Manager, UK M&A Advisory, Deloitte

Despite its name, the Impact Day we celebrate each year at Deloitte is not one single day, but a year-round commitment to our local communities. It’s made up of many different events around the world, offering all employees the opportunity to participate in 1 Impact Day per year that give us the chance to use our knowledge and expertise to help those not-for-profit organisations that are striving to provide the best service possible to the people they serve.

This year, a team of thirty Deloitte volunteers swapped their clients for the classroom and calculators for the community centre, as we dedicated 2017’s Impact Day to our One Million Futures campaign.

Our five-year strategy aims to help one million people get to where they want to be, by overcoming barriers to education and employment, giving individuals the skills and opportunities to succeed.

For this year’s Impact Day, we got involved with three different projects, all in aid of supporting our local children.

The first was an ‘Enterprise Day’ at a local primary school, where we helped primary 7 pupils tasked with designing their ideal school trip - one that was interesting to them while educational and feasible for a class of thirty to attend on a £300 budget. There was no lack of creativity with initial concepts consisting of trips to Tokyo, funded by investing in electric cars.

For our second project, we joined up with Children 1st, our charity partner for our Edinburgh office, and visited a Community Centre where the organisation works with vulnerable families. Our Deloitte team helped provide first aid training, as well as delivering a session on the logistics and practicalities of planning a day out. Children 1st will then help the families take these trips at a later date.

The final activity involved a team of Deloitte’s finest footballers attending a Street League football project at Prestonpans. Street League is an organisation that provides eight-week programmes for unemployed 16-24 year olds. The programme aims to improve employability skills of participants through classroom-based sessions and exercise, either in the form of football or fitness. Deloitte volunteers delivered an employability workshop in the morning with a strong focus on improving the participants’ interview skills.

With client demands pressing, it’s often easy to side track such events. However, as our volunteers returned to the office it was clear the impact that they felt they had, and the energising passion as a result of their experience.

As we go about our day jobs, we sometimes forget about the positive impact that our roles within Deloitte have within the wider community, and the benefits that we are able to provide for the organisations we work with.

Deloitte’s Impact Day reminds us to step back from the buzz of the office once in a while and use our skills to help those who need it most.


David Fitzsimons - Manager, UK M&A Advisory, Deloitte 

David works in the the UK M&A Advisory practice, based in the Edinburgh office. 

David was keen to get involved in the firms’ One Million Futures initiative and utilise his variety of skills and resources to help benefit the local community.





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