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By Becca Hulton, Graduate, Deloitte

When I finished university in 2011 I was all set to enter the world of work. Having studied Finance and Management, I had exciting visions of joining a graduate scheme and climbing the ladder in retail or fashion.

Unfortunately, the job market had other plans, and I sadly missed out on the very few graduate placements left, as many companies suspended their graduate schemes to cope with the choppy economy. So I gave up my dream of joining a graduate scheme and went straight to work in book keeping, administration and a variety of other jobs.

A few years later, I was doing well and building contacts when I started working for a Finance Director who happened to be a former Deloitte employee. He was a great mentor and encouraged me to consider Deloitte’s Graduate Programme, even though I had left university years before.

Four years plus

I’d never really considered the idea of becoming a Chartered Accountant; but after looking into the firm and seeing the quality of training and experience the graduate scheme offered, I decided to go for it.

Happily I was accepted and started my three-year training contract in the autumn of 2015 - four years after I had graduated from university.

I was nervous on starting, as I truly didn’t know what to expect. But I was pleasantly surprised to find a friendly, motivational atmosphere. From day one, our year group was very much a team and over the years we have all become good friends.  

The training has been challenging and interesting, with a mix of classroom-based workshops and on-the-job experience, always overseen by senior colleagues. We also attend lectures and take exams, with time off for studying and help or advice on tap, if we need it.

Whether it is a technical question while working on a client, advice on how to study for professional exams, or simply how to use the printers, everyone is always willing to help.

The culture at Deloitte is very professional yet also very open and collaborative, with a huge emphasis on sharing your knowledge to help the newer colleagues develop.  

Of course, it’s not without its challenges: the main one being learning how to tackle complex client processes. But, with the help and experience of the team, it has been very rewarding to finally get my head around it all. In the beginning you think it’ll never happen, but it all comes together with time and experience.

Expanding horizons

One of the highlights of the role is all of the travelling it involves - from travelling to London and Edinburgh for training courses, to a recent trip to India for client work. Getting to see different parts of the world is a big bonus and makes me excited to see where my job will take me next.

Another aspect of it I particularly enjoy is that we’re often asked where our personal interests lie and are given opportunities to develop these. The structure of the graduate programme means that, over the three years, we will be exposed to almost every area of management and accounting; which gives us a good grounding across many areas – we’re then in a better position to choose what suits us best.

As I go into my second year of the graduate programme, I am excited about my future and so glad I took the plunge and applied. To anyone else who is thinking of doing the same, my advice is: just do it! You will not regret it. 

If you would like to apply for the Deloitte Graduate Programme visit

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Becca Hulton - Senior Associate, Audit, Deloitte

Becca is a Senior Associate within the Deloitte Audit team based in Glasgow and is in her second year of the Deloitte Graduate Programme.


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