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Continuing our series on what it’s really like to work at Deloitte, we speak to Sithu Aye, a technology consulting analyst in our Glasgow office. In a brief interview, he talks about how, despite not ever really having a “typical day”, things are about to change dramatically for him.

Here is a day in his life:

When I joined Deloitte…

… much to my surprise, I was the only technology consultant to be based in a Scottish office! I started with the firm in 2014 as part of a cohort of 250 budding, ‘would-be’ consultants – 150 were joining technology consulting. From that unique position, I can provide a very different perspective on the analyst experience and I know, more than most, that “a day in the life” of a consulting analyst is probably a bit of a misleading term: it’s unlikely that any two days are the same.

My days start…

… at varying times. It all depends on the client and whether I am in Glasgow or Edinburgh – I work between the two a lot. Regardless of where I am, I usually check in with my current manager to see what needs to be done for that day or week and get to it.

What makes my job interesting…

… is that my work is never the same from project to project, which means that every engagement I have worked on has been a great opportunity to learn something new. My main area of interest, however, is business analysis. This normally involves preparing stakeholder meetings or developing materials such as use cases, business cases or other related documentation.

I mainly work with…

… the public sector in Scotland, with clients like the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland. While I prefer working on public sector engagements, I’ve also had the chance to do some work for a utilities company and a telecommunications business down in England. It’s always great to get a different insight into how private sector companies operate. If I’m being honest though, I struggled a bit with the travel and being away from home – but I can totally understand how many of our analysts thrive in an environment that offers international travel and a global experience. I just preferred working with our Scottish clients!

It’s incredibly exciting that…

… we’re bringing Deloitte Digital to Scotland; and it makes sense given how active the digital and tech scene is in Edinburgh. As a result, I’ve taken a side-step from client-facing work to help the team in the capital set up the studio. I would definitely want to get involved in the kind of work that Deloitte Digital does, as I have a genuine interest in digital technology, how it’s changing the way businesses operate and the way we interact with one another other. It also means I get to work on a project that involves expanding the firm into a growing market and providing our clients with something a little bit different. Another bonus is that it means I don’t have to wear a suit every day!

But things are about to change…

… as I take a slightly different direction in the next few months. The reason I said ‘would’ above is because my short time at Deloitte is coming to an end – at least for the next year. I am about to take a career break from the firm to pursue a career as an independent musician, which is probably about as far removed from management consulting as you can get. It’s all going to get very busy for me shortly, as I will be on a plane to Japan to play some shows just one week after I start my career break. This does mean that a day in my life will look very different in a month’s time; but the period leading up to this point gives me some of the drive and experience that will stay with me, regardless of where I end up.

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Sithu blog image

Sithu Aye - Technology Analyst, Deloitte

Sithu is an analyst in Technology, Strategy & Architecture, part of Deloitte’s technology consulting practice and is based in the Deloitte office in Glasgow.

He joined Deloitte as part of the graduate recruitment programme after studying for a master’s degree in physics at the University of St Andrews. His main areas of focus are business analysis and digital innovation, particularly in the public sector in Scotland



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