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You've heard from our graduates who have been there and done it. Now it’s time for some advice from someone on the other side of the fence: Katie Walker from the Deloitte student recruitment team…

Stepping out of university should be a sigh of relief; most of your life until now has been spent in education, gearing you up for your first ‘real’ job. But, the sense of liberation is often short-lived, as the daunting prospect of taking that first step on the career ladder lies right ahead.

Getting your dream job isn’t easy, but with good advice and the right attitude, you could be Deloitte’s newest member of staff - no matter what your degree discipline. 

Working in recruitment for a leading business advisory firm, I’m always on the look-out for a diverse range of people with different interests and skillsets. Find out what we’re really looking for and how you can get involved…

Don’t be afraid to be different

Traditionally, Deloitte has been seen as an accountancy firm, but a career here isn’t just about numbers - nor is it strictly accountancy based. You might be surprised to know that we offer graduate roles in seven different practice areas including: audit, tax, consulting, financial advisory, technology, risk advisory and real estate.

Our most successful candidates have been themselves from the start, and in the interview stages strived to show what else they could bring to the company besides the qualifications.

Recruiters love when you can bring something new to the team. Hiring a lot of people with the same skills and backgrounds means you run the risk of ‘group think’. We want to see individuals tackling challenges in their own, unique ways. By adding a range of dynamic skills to a team, there’s more scope for creativity to flourish.

So, dare to be different, set out to be interesting - you never know what’s going to impress. 

Every question is crucial

To our surprise, there have been occasions where over half of candidates fail to answer our career motivation question. This is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd: What inspires you? What really makes you get out of bed in the morning? What makes Deloitte the right firm for you over the other opportunities you were considering? We want to know!

Answer every question, don’t miss an opportunity. Give yourself the best possible chance in the process and remember to give us plenty of reasons why you want to be part of Deloitte.

Do your research

Our website is a great place to keep up to speed with the application process and finding out key facts about the firm. If you spend some time browsing the site, you should find everything you need to know about the process. Our information booklet has even more great advice on how to prepare for an assessment at Deloitte.

Meeting some of the Deloitte team before your interview is another great chance for you to get a feel for the firm. You should take advantage of the networking opportunities we host, it’s a great way to make connections.

We aren’t here to catch you out and we don’t want our candidates to feel under pressure, we want to give you the best chance of achieving your potential.

Examples, examples, examples

If you’ve reached the interview stage, we know that you have already ticked the academic boxes. What we’re really interested in is evidence that you have a range of skills that are in tune with the Deloitte culture.

We are looking for positive people with great communication skills, commitment, a strong work ethic, the ability to work as part of a team and problem solving abilities among many others. Showing us different ways you have used these skills could be your differentiator – whatever the context.

It’s a two-way street

The recruitment process is just as much about what you want from Deloitte as what the firm can offer you. Ask plenty of questions; you need to know if it’s the place you can see yourself building a successful career.

One thing to be sure of is that at Deloitte, we provide learning and development opportunities by offering a range of professional studies to enhance your career. The pass rates for our professional qualifications exceeds the national average, and we will always aim to support and encourage you throughout your working life here.

Our website has more information on Deloitte’s graduate scheme or get in touch by leaving a comment in the box below or tweeting us on @DeloitteScot.

If you missed the first instalment of our graduate recruitment blog series then you can catch up here to read all about a graduate’s point of view.

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Katie Walker

Katie Walker - Student Recruitment Advisor, Deloitte

Katie Walker joined the Deloitte Student Recruitment team as the Scotland, Northern Ireland and Newcastle Student Recruitment Advisor in November 2014. Katie joined from UBS, where she spent 4 years working within the Graduate Acquisition and Development Team.

Initially as an intern in the New York office, Katie then developed from a Campus Coordinator to a Graduate Recruitment Specialist in the London office. Katie graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University.


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