You might have heard us saying before that we believe in the power of the individual; the ability of one person to do great things. So if one person can make such a difference, what if there were two of them almost exactly alike?

No, we’re not revealing some nefarious clone army (although…), but twins George and Lauren Headley – both graduate trainees at Deloitte in Scotland – are working towards making the power of the individual a real family affair.

Despite having followed much the same path from a young age, George and Lauren Headley work in very different parts of Deloitte. While Lauren studies for her CA as part of the Edinburgh audit team, George is based in Glasgow, and working in technology consulting while pursuing two British Computing Society qualifications.

Graduate jobs in Scotland might be hotly-contested, but George and Lauren’s favourite competition is with each other. Here is some insight into their career journey at Deloitte so far.

George and Lauren Headley
From: North Berwick, East Lothian
School: North Berwick High School
University: Business Management, University of Strathclyde (George); Business and Accounting, University of Edinburgh (Lauren)
First day at Deloitte: September 9, 2013

1. It must be a twin thing…
Lauren: “As twins, we have the same thought process, and we were quite competitive with each other growing up – we’d try to outdo each other in school and with exams. At the same time we’d study together and help each other out. Even at that we didn’t expect to end up working at the same firm.”

George: “We hadn’t told each other we’d applied to Deloitte. Lauren said she had an interview with a partner, and I had one with a senior manager, so she was taking a bit of pride in that. It wasn’t until we’d both been accepted that we talked about our new jobs.”

2.  Every day’s a school day…
G: “Working in consulting I think I’ve spent one day so far in my ‘home’ office of Glasgow, since I work on client site almost every day. I also occasionally have to go to London or a different city in the UK. That means you do have to work at keeping connections with colleagues in other offices. Being part of a relatively small team also allows me to work quite closely with clients alongside the senior members of the team, which is a constant learning experience.”

L: “Balancing client commitments with study for the CA and internal training can be a challenge, but you very quickly become a master of your own time management."

3. All in a day’s work…
G: “A lot of people think Deloitte is all about numbers and spreadsheets, but what I really enjoy is being involved in the day-to-day operation of clients’ businesses and working out how we can help them achieve a particular objective. Every day is genuinely different."

L: “Combining study with the day job has been really hard work from day one, but in the best possible way. It’s on-the-job learning, and you’re getting to apply the theory of study in real-life every day in lot of different scenarios. I’m really looking forward to the exams, which I know sounds odd, but I want to get the ball rolling on that part.”

4. It’s still a family affair…
L: “We’d both spoken to a few people before we joined so we knew roughly what the job involved, but you’re also assigned a ‘buddy’ from inside the firm to help you find your feet. We still try to find time to get a bite of lunch together if we’re in the same city, and we talk a lot about our different experiences within the firm.”

G: “I’ll call Lauren for a bit of advice on technical accountancy issues from time to time, although I do notice she never asks for my help! It’s really good having someone to bounce things around with, though, even if it’s just for a second opinion.”

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