Bee business - It's all about the buzzz!




Imagine a business of tens of thousands of individuals all working together in complete harmony, responding to changes in the market, adapting quickly and efficiently, and making complex decisions with speed and initiative on an individual and collective basis. Imagine all this without a single director or manager calling the shots. This is a honeybee colony and we have one in our Edinburgh office with 100,000 busy bees.

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Mental health and employees: refreshing the case for investment

by Garry Tetley

I am a Deloitte Tax Partner and also a Mental Health Champion. The champion role is one of the most rewarding I have within Deloitte and has two main components. Firstly, my fellow champions across all our UK offices and I are responsible for raising awareness, speaking to teams and communicating the various support networks that are in place, and, secondly, we are an independent sympathetic ear for people with concerns about themselves or a colleague and we aid them in accessing the appropriate confidential and professional help they require.

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Deloitte in 2019: making an impact that matters

Steves blog
By Steve Williams

Political events and uncertainty had a significant impact throughout 2019, impacting businesses and individuals alike.  Following the election there may well be more certainty for the UK as a whole, but Scotland’s constitutional future is likely to dominate political conversations here in the coming weeks and months, and there is no sign of this trend ending anytime soon.

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Collaboration is key to ensure our workforce has the skills for the future


2020 will be a year of further debate over the future of the Scottish economy, as  by the latest analysis from the Fraser of Allander Institute.

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Purposeful leadership and collaboration crucial for successful energy transition


Since Oil & Gas UK's Energy Transition report was launched last December, companies and bodies from across the sector have united to take bold steps towards delivering a net-zero oil and gas basin.

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Theme for Great Cities


Aberdeen is on the cusp of its very own ‘climate change’, one that will greatly affect its ecosystem for generations to come. It will determine just how vibrant, competitive and sustainable the city will be in future.

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Digital technologies in capital projects: opportunities and challenges for the oil and gas sector

Marc O’Connor, UK Consulting Leader - Energy, Resources & Industrials, Deloitte

The increasing importance of digital technologies in capital projects is well recognised across the oil and gas sector, particularly as the industry works to deliver Roadmap 2035, drive forward innovative solutions and support its transition to a sustainable future.

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Fraser of Allander Economic Commentary - Profound change is coming, but Scotland is well positioned to capitalise on an uncertain future


John Macintosh, Tax Partner, Deloitte

As we await the outcome of negotiations, heightened economic uncertainty continues. Whatever the outcome of Brexit, profound change is ahead and businesses need to be agile to respond. From engaging with staff and addressing the potential of legal and regulatory change to ensuring supply chains are robust and ready - there are a number of factors that can be built into contingency plans.

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Solving the productivity puzzle




Twenty-five years ago the economist Paul Krugman wrote that, “Productivity isn’t everything, but in the long-run it is almost everything”.  Today as we struggle with the consequences of sluggish productivity growth, these words sound highly prophetic.

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The Inaugural Women's Tour of Scotland


I am sat in a race convoy vehicle on Stage 1 of the first ever Women’s Tour of Scotland, when I hear over race radio that the stage has been cancelled. Moments later as we drive onwards on the race route we realise why.. as the water rises up above the top of the car tyres as we drive through nearly 100m of flood water.

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Why staying with the same company isn't a career dead end...


Totting up almost 27 years across 12 different roles in the same company, operations director Claire Wood has built her career at Deloitte. She shares her advice for those wanting to buck the job-hopping trend.

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