Solving the productivity puzzle




Twenty-five years ago the economist Paul Krugman wrote that, “Productivity isn’t everything, but in the long-run it is almost everything”.  Today as we struggle with the consequences of sluggish productivity growth, these words sound highly prophetic.

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The Inaugural Women's Tour of Scotland


I am sat in a race convoy vehicle on Stage 1 of the first ever Women’s Tour of Scotland, when I hear over race radio that the stage has been cancelled. Moments later as we drive onwards on the race route we realise why.. as the water rises up above the top of the car tyres as we drive through nearly 100m of flood water.

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Why staying with the same company isn't a career dead end...


Totting up almost 27 years across 12 different roles in the same company, operations director Claire Wood has built her career at Deloitte. She shares her advice for those wanting to buck the job-hopping trend.

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Fraser of Allander Economic Commentary, supported by Deloitte

1As it is 20 years since the Scottish Parliament was established, it is an opportune moment to reflect on what has changed in our economy over that period and to look forward to what may change in the next 20 years.

In many respects, the last 20 years has been a game of two halves, with the first half seeing the economy performing strongly and the second seeing a major downturn, starting with the global financial crisis in 2008 and followed by further negative impacts such as the downturn in the oil price.

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A topic worth talking about – let’s talk about mental health

Poor mental health does not discriminate; it is blind to gender, ethnicity, seniority and age. Although not always visible, it directly affects one in four people in the UK, and it is likely that everyone will know someone who is struggling with mental ill health.

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FinTech meet-up: International spot light on Hong Kong & Singapore


What happens when you put Fintechs from Scotland, Hong Kong and Singapore together? A lot of great chats and collaboration opportunities!

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Innovative and collaborative approaches key to securing Scottish economic growth

The Fraser of Allander Institute’s latest Economic Commentary, which is supported by Deloitte, highlights that Scotland’s economy continues to demonstrate some resilience most notably through near all-time high levels of employment, currently at 75.6%, and continuing steady, if low, growth – Scotland’s economy grew by 1.4% in 2018.

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Every team has an EA at it's heart

24 April 2019 is EA (Executive Assistant) Day - designed to recognise and show appreciation for the support and commitment our EA's provide throughout the year. It's fair to say Deloitte would not function without the extensive support our EA's provide to our partners, directors and their teams, overall making a positive impact for the firm.

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Nurturing a New Way of Working: Deloitte named most family-friendly large employer in Scotland


Last month, Deloitte was named winners in the Best Large Private Sector Employer (250+ employees) at the Scottish Top Employers for Working Families Awards run by Family Friendly Working Scotland.

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Transfer Pricing Landscape and the Oil and Gas Service Sector


The changing international tax landscape, driven by the OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (“BEPS”) process and its implementation, has increased compliance requirements and led many multinational groups to consider whether their transfer pricing policies are fit for purpose.

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Why Deloitte is proud to back Women’s Tour of Scotland

Bike tour


As a cyclist, a Dad to a racing cyclist, a cycling coach and as someone who works across the sport both in my day to day role and outside through Scottish Cycling, I know what attributes are required to succeed.  Cycling is about passion, commitment, leadership and teamwork. It is about having the confidence to take on challenges and knowing that you have a team to rely on while striving for the best.

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