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Deloitte and Teach First partnership: Helping to give every child a good start

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Too many children aren’t getting the education they deserve. Where you’re from shouldn’t affect where you’re going; yet a child from a disadvantaged background is 6 times less likely to get good GCSEs and go on to higher education. The effects of this slow start can last a lifetime, widening social inequality and failing our communities. Teach First’s Director of Fundraising, Vidhu Sood-Nicholls, tells us what they’re doing to help and why it’s important that organisations like Deloitte support their work in making education fair for all:

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Supporting veterans through career transitions

Army boots

Every year thousands of Deloitte professionals give their time and expertise to help others. Janice O’Neill, senior consultant in the Organisation Transformation team within Deloitte’s Human Capital practice is one of them. She attended one of Deloitte’s insight days for military service leavers, which helped build her knowledge on how to change career. She now volunteers as part of the Deloitte Military Transition and Talent Programme Insight Days. She shares her story and talks about the work she does to help others to undertake a similar move.


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Feel the force: ex-military making a difference at Deloitte

British Army

James Proud, who served in the British Army for 12 years, joined Deloitte five years ago. He quickly rose up the ranks to lead a team supporting IT for the 12,000 people working at Deloitte’s London campus. As a result, many colleagues might have come across him at the Deloitte London offices without realising that he is a veteran – or knowing about the work he does to inspire others. He shares his story about making the transition and provides some helpful career advice for anyone looking to progress.


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One Young World: Our responsibility to drive a more sustainable and inclusive world

2019 Deloitte OYW delegates

The annual One Young World Summit brings together talented global young leaders from every sector to discuss innovative ways to tackle the world's most pressing issues; from climate change to extreme poverty and inequality. This year, 2,000 delegates from all 196 countries, including 50 Deloitte delegates, convened in Westminster, London. Kate Bossie, a Manager in the Deloitte UK Real Estate Consulting team, who also manages the relationship and volunteering activity at one of our One Million Futures Schools, was one of the lucky attendees. Here’s what she learnt from this once in a lifetime experience.

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I am one in a million

Solomon and David
When Deloitte launched One Million Futures in 2016 with the aim of helping one million people to get where they want to be, it was the start of an ambitious initiative to transform lives. Solomon Arouna, a student at one of the One Million Futures Partner Schools, St Mary Magdalene Academy in Islington, is just one of them.  

I admit that I was not the best-behaved pupil when I started at St Mary Magdalene Academy.

I wasn’t particularly academic. I struggled to apply myself. And my main ambition back then was to be a footballer.

Today, I am head boy, much more confident, hope to achieve three A Levels in English Lit, Politics and Sociology and then study Law and Anthropology at university. And instead of being a footballer I now want to be a lawyer.

How did this transformation come about?

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Minding about others


Sally Rochester Mind

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, Sally Rochester, a Director in the advisory team of Deloitte Guernsey, talks about her work with Mind Guernsey and how helping others can make a big difference to your own mental wellbeing as well as your local community.

Despite the fact that one in four people will suffer from a mental health issue at some point in their life, an overwhelming majority of people – 94 per cent – on the Channel Islands agree that there is stigma attached to mental health issues.

The Mind pan-island Mental Wellbeing Survey, which was conducted by a team of volunteers from Mind and Deloitte, not only discovered that more needs to be done to increase understanding of mental health issues, it also revealed just how uncomfortable people are with discussing their problems.

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A Class Act: Supporting the next generation of innovators

Skills shortages in the UK mean vacancies in science, research, engineering and technology are increasingly hard to fill. The TMT Predictions Schools Challenge aims to tackle this by inspiring a new generation to pursue careers in these sectors. Every year, teams from Deloitte Access schools are challenged to create a game-changing business or product. Sarah Butler volunteered to work as a coach for one of these teams…

The last time I was in a classroom was when I was at school.

So, walking into the St Mary Magdalene Academy in Islington to coach a team of sixth formers was a little daunting.

However, I had been inspired. In previous years I worked behind the scenes on the marketing and event planning of the TMT Predictions Schools Challenge.  I had seen first-hand the positive impact the coaches were making on the students and watched the 16 and 17 years old students in awe as they stood up to present their ideas in front of 100 people, plus a panel of respected judges at the grand finals. I wanted to become a coach and still be a part of this amazing initiative, so I volunteered.  

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May the forces be with you


Joanna Lumley, Ray Winstone, Larry Lamb, Hugh Bonneville and Nick Knowles are just some of the well-known faces encouraging employers to hire ex-service personnel. They all feature in Veterans Work: The Films, premiered by Deloitte UK with the Officers’ Association, and showcasing the value of hiring veterans into UK plc – something Liz Coombs, associate Director Global Business Tax says is a win/win.

What comes to mind when you hear the word “veteran”? Well some assume it is an American term and do not even associate it with our UK armed forces, while others think that veterans are old soldiers from WWII.

Yet, the reality is that a veteran could be a 26-year old woman with cyber skills.

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From the poles to mountain peaks

Fieri leadership and Deloitte cropped

Martin Hewitt, a mountaineer, former British disabled ski team racer, businessman and former Captain in the Parachute Regiment narrowly escaped death after being shot in Afghanistan. He went on to co-found the leadership and development business, Fieri Leadership. With support from Deloitte from the start, Martin and his team have led disabled people to new peaks - literally.

I am only alive today because of my team. Being shot in the foot and chest by a 7.62 calibre machine-gun should have killed me. However, the training and skills of my team, including the lance corporal and the medics who were helicoptered out from Camp Bastion, saved my life.

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