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PFI/PF2 no more – How will the NHS Transform its Estate?


The NHS is transforming how it delivers its services, but one key aspect to enabling this is the need for significant investment in its Estate. According to Sir Robert Naylor’s report last year, the NHS Estate ranges from world class to poorly utilised and not fit for purpose.1 Moreover, Sir Robert estimated that capital requirements could amount to around £10bn. This investment cannot be delivered through public sector funding alone. However, the Chancellor’s announcement in Budget 2018 that there will be no more Private Finance Initiative (PFI)/Private Finance 2 (PF2) Projects, this cuts off a historically well used option for enabling capital investment in the NHS.2 So what next? There are a myriad of potential solutions, and it will require a combination of traditional and innovative approaches to ensure Estates play their part in the transformation of the NHS.

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Claire Handby – Honorary Doctorate Blog


The topic of inclusive growth for all, particularly across STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects and related career paths continues to hit headlines in 2018, notably due to links with accelerating gender parity and addressing the pay gap.

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My career so far in planning


The first lesson my fellow undergraduate coursemates and I were taught at university was that ‘planners do not plan towns’. A useful clarification, but what followed was arguably more noteworthy. It was explained that we had picked an exciting time to be involved in planning, even if we were not to be gifted a blank slate on which to design new settlements.

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Publication of Revised Heritage Works

A refreshed and streamlined toolkit for practitioners working with heritage assets

On the 16 May 2017, the Deloitte Real Estate Planning team hosted the launch of the newly revised Heritage Works. Heritage Works is a document which we have researched and written on behalf of Historic England, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the British Property Federation (BPF).

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The Deloitte Summer Vacation Scheme: what did our students think?

At Deloitte Real Estate, we are committed to searching out the next generation of talent. We pride ourselves in being able to offer high quality work experience, and every year we take on a number of students as part of the Deloitte wide ‘Summer Vacation Scheme (SVS).’ This programme is aimed at University students in their penultimate year of studies.

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Diary of a Deloitte Real Estate Graduate in Construction Advisory


I applied to Deloitte Real Estate because of the reputation it had within industry both for the quality of service and employee opportunities. On starting in September 2013, I immediately became aware of the scale of the company, meeting other graduates from Audit, Tax, Consulting and Corporate Finance. Deloitte offers a very unique opportunity compared to other companies that I had applied for.

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Diary of a Deloitte Real Estate Graduate in Planning

I joined Deloitte Real Estate in January 2014 following a number of interviews with different property consultancies. What attracted me the most to Deloitte Real Estate was its global presence, the wide spectrum of services it offers and reputation for high quality graduate training.

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Commuting with your passport

CommutingwithpassportDespite most places in the world having better weather than the UK, what is it like working in real estate around the world in the Deloitte network? And how easy is it to take advantage of the ever increasing globalization?

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