At Deloitte we promote all aspects of diversity, and aspire to grow a work environment that is truly inclusive and reflective of our broader society. In support of this working goal, Maggie and Christy from the London Planning team talk about their roles in championing Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) representation across the wider Financial Advisory service line and Real Estate business unit respectively.

BAME in Financial Advisory – Maggie Zhu

I joined Deloitte’s BAME in Financial Advisory working group because I felt there has always been a lack of diversity and representation across the general real estate sector. However, after speaking with my peers, I’ve now realised that this isn’t unique to real estate and is experienced across all sectors.

Deloitte’s BAME in Financial Advisory working group was formed to enable a collective voice and to help drive firm-wide diversity initiatives. Some of the recent projects that I have been working on with the group include:

  • Setting up an internal event to introduce the working group to other peers in order to promote pilot projects and increase awareness of diversity in the work place;
  • Attendance to a BAME women’s round table discussion hosted by Deloitte’s Multicultural Network (MCN), where women of BAME backgrounds can openly discuss their experiences in the workplace and what improvements can be made;
  • Piloting a questionnaire for BAME and non-BAME colleagues alike, who have been on international assignments and how their experience can be improved when they are met with unfamiliar locale.

I am excited to see how far our working group progresses in the next year and what achievements and the impacts we can make. I am a firm believer that a diverse workforce inspires creativity, drives innovation and fosters closer ties in our increasing cross-border operations.

From Insight to Inside – Christy Ng

Deloitte takes pride in its graduate recruitment processes which go beyond industry standards to ensure unconscious bias during the candidate selection process is avoided. One measure is our academic institution-blind approach, which make certain that job offers are made on the basis of the interviewees’ potential, rather than their backgrounds or past personal circumstances. These measures are proving positive with Deloitte’ autumn 2019 BAME student intake at 34%, up from 29% the year before (Deloitte Ethnicity Pay Gap Report, November 2019).

Having joined the firm over a year ago as a graduate Town Planner and proud BAME recruit, I have seen first-hand how Deloitte continuously promotes respect and inclusion, particularly among our Summer Vacation Scheme students and prospective graduates.

As a member of MCN, we hosted the 2019 Graduate Insight Evening and invited over 100 prospective graduates from BAME backgrounds. The aim was to provide the prospective graduates with Deloitte career insights and our approach to promoting respect and inclusion in the workplace.

As part of this event, I was proud to introduce what we are doing to promote diversity in Real Estate, particularly within Planning and Development and share my own cultural background and experiences as a graduate.

This event provided me with great means to share my personal journey from being an international student, who used to attend similar career insight events, to being a second year Deloitte graduate.

At Deloitte we continue to focus on ensuring that all of our recruitment efforts, both at a student and experienced hire level, attract a more diverse mix of people.

Useful links

Did you know that Deloitte has voluntarily published their ethnicity pay gap report since 2017? Check out the latest report here.

See here for student opportunities at Deloitte Real Estate, or here for our Expired Hire vacancies.


Maggie Zhu – Assistant Manager, Deloitte Real Estate

Maggie joined Deloitte Real Estate as an experienced hire, before qualifying as a chartered member of the Royal Town Planning Institute in 2019. She has worked on a range of projects that range from residential, commercial, retail and logistic developments.

Email | LinkedIn


Christy Ng – Senior Associate, Deloitte Real Estate

Christy joined Deloitte Real Estate as Graduate Planner in 2018. Since joining, she has gained experience working on a range of projects across South East England, including for retail, commercial and master-planning developments. She is currently working towards being fully qualified as a chartered member of the Royal Town Planning Institute.

Email | LinkedIn | Twitter


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