2015 will no doubt go down as a MIPIM vintage. The event feeds back to its crazy peak. We’ve more or less hit the mid-point of the week, and the pizazz is unabated. It really is an extraordinary thing. 

There are some serious topics under the microscope though. A key focus for us today is the impact of technology on the world of business and property. 

In my role as a leader of our sustainability business, I’m often prophesising about the impending demise of the world as we know it. I’m the metaphorical doomsayer sporting his omen-laden sandwich board on the Boulevard de la Croisette. 

I jest (a bit), but you get the point: it can be a tough business pedalling inconvenient truths which sit uncomfortably with the smell of deals and the taste of champagne.

This year though, things are a little different. The reality of market disruption borne from the avalanche of tech innovation seems to have caught the attention of many. I’m sharing a platform this morning with the CEOs of British Land, MAG Property and Hammerson to discuss exactly this. 

I’ll be exploring what Deloitte's latest TMT Predictions mean for business and property; how consumer-led trends will continue to disrupt the economy, alongside enterprise solutions that stand to shape markets. There’s no question that tech is a tightrope of risk and opportunity for real estate investors, developers and occupiers, and indeed for cities. It will underpin altogether new concepts. It will help to differentiate the product of those who embrace it, and throw up all kinds of obsolescence hazards to those that fail to understand its potential.

The oft-perceived future is in many ways already with us. Who would have thought less than a decade ago, for example, that one of the world’s largest hotel chains in 2015 (and the largest in terms of valuation) would be one that didn’t exist at the time. The Airbnb phenomenon is testament to the power of technology (in this case social media) in enabling wholly new concepts to explode.

Now that really is market disruption! The question is who amongst the MIPIM crowd is ready for it?


Jon Lovell – Director, Deloitte Real Estate Sustainability Services

Jon serves on the global leadership team of Deloitte Sustainability, heading its worldwide Community of Practice of around 150 professionals on sustainability and the built environment. He advises corporates, fund  managers, developers and government bodies around  the world, and is recognised thought-leader on  sustainability and the built environment. 
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