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In recognition of the region’s potential as a great place to live, work, and visit, the international investor community continues to take more and more interest in our cities. International markets such as South East Asia, Middle East, and the US, have already followed up that interest, with key developments such as the £1bn development of Airport City arising in recent years with foreign backing.

Growing overseas interest is reflected in this year’s delegation at MIPIM. With the second largest delegation of all 550 cities, Manchester is well represented at this year’s event, demonstrating the confidence the city has in its ability to capture the imagination of the MIPIM audience and use the event as an opportunity to grow the city’s presence further.

It is a confidence that is built on strong foundations. The devolution agenda is allowing local governments to take greater control over their own futures and dictate the terms of their expansion, while the ability to formulate clear, bespoke strategies across each city has benefitted the region. This reinvigorated focus, which has also seen local governments activate partnerships with the public, private, and education sectors, has been key to the success of these cities.

Northern Powerhouse initiatives are also influencing decisions about further investment. Conversations about connectivity and greater investment in infrastructure across the North can only be a positive step in attracting overseas investors.

Taking part in MIPIM, it is encouraging to see conversations taking place about what the North West has to offer for investors. New partnerships are being formed all the time, giving us great confidence that the region will continue its push on an international scale.

The future of the North West looks bright and we look forward to seeing our cities reach even greater heights in the years ahead.


Cathy Wignall- Development Surveyor, Deloitte Real Estate 

Cathy is an Assistant Director of Deloitte Real Estate and manages the Public Sector Real Estate business. She has 8 years industry experience in the field of Strategic City Planning and Delivery, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the Central Government and Local Public Sector. Cathy is currently advising Local Government client’s on the potential growth of key economic sectors and the impacts and opportunities to be derived from devolution.



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