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Manchester has secured its position amongst the globe’s top smart city destinations of the future, according to a major new study analysing urban mobility by Deloitte.

The first of its kind, Deloitte’s City Mobility Index (DCMI) offers an in-depth study of 18 major cities across the globe, including Paris, Berlin, and New York, examining each city’s transportation landscape and future of mobility readiness. The report analyses key aspects of mobility, such as public transit, air quality, and each city’s vision and strategy, ranking destinations from ‘emerging’ to ‘global leader’.

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Manchester emerged as the only city in the UK to feature outside of London in the report, scoring particularly highly in a number of areas, including road safety, air quality, and ease of public transport use. The city also demonstrated a strong vision and strategy for the future, showing promise in overcoming challenges associated with the use of private vehicles within the city by supporting shared mobility, electric vehicle schemes and testing autonomous vehicles.

The first iteration of the global cities index demonstrates Manchester's ability to adapt to the future, and it is testament to how far this city has come that it is now mentioned alongside key global cities.

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This work, alongside other research Deloitte delivers through the global business, has provided a great market platform that has seen the Manchester real estate practice earn over half it revenue outside the city in 2017. It is gratifying and exciting to see our people delivering real estate advisory services not only across the UK but also into continental Europe and even further afield.

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Simon Bedford- Partner, Head of Local Government Development Advisory

Simon is a partner with Deloitte Real Estate and leads our local government development advisory business across the UK. He leads dedicated team able to advise on all aspects of major development projects, particularly those being proposed by local authorities. Simon is interested in city strategy and the future of the high street. He is a member of the Deloitte public sector industry partner group and an independent board member with the Greater Manchester Planning and Housing Commission.

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