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Global economics in The Monday Briefing

The ups and downs of cross-border investment


Investment flows between regions and nations date back to the ancient empires and civilisations. But it was not until the nineteenth century, during a period of rapid globalisation and industrialisation, that modern foreign direct investment (FDI) took shape, with major western companies building factories overseas to serve national and regional market.

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Posted on 26/02/2024

UK in recession, don’t panic


Invitation to a Deloitte Academy webinar this week:  AI and the Future of Employment – Assessing the Impact on Jobs. This Wednesday, 21 February, Professor Carl-Benedikt Frey, Associate Professor of AL & Work at the Oxford Internet Institute, will join me to share his thinking on the impact of Gen AI on the nature and future of work. This session will take place  from 09.00–10.30 GMT. To register, for what I think will be a fascinating session, please visit:

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Posted on 19/02/2024

UK business failures – not quite as bad as they look


A recurring theme in the Monday Briefing over the last year has been the unexpected resilience of western economies, including the UK. Employment has held up surprisingly well, housing markets have softened, not collapsed, and there is little obvious distress in financial markets.

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Posted on 05/02/2024

Who made money in 2023?


2023 was a good year for equities with most major markets posting strong returns.

Many of the fears that caused equities to plummet in 2022 unwound in 2023. It wasn’t a great year for global growth but fears of recession eased, inflation fell and by the end of the year, the talk was of interest rate cuts, not increases.

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Posted on 29/01/2024

What conflict means for supply chains


Recent missile attacks on ships travelling through the Red Sea have put supply chains back in the headlines. It is the latest in a line of recent trade disruptions that started with the dislocation of supply chains during the COVID-19 pandemic. These problems were exacerbated in 2021 when the Suez Canal was blocked for six days by a container ship, the Ever Given, which ran aground. In February 2022 Russia’s invasion of Ukraine caused severe disruption to shipping in the Black Sea, and Ukrainian grain exports, causing grain prices to soar.

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Posted on 22/01/2024

A positive start to 2024

Christmas reading

Join me this Wednesday, 10 January, at 1300 GMT for our year-ahead webinar in which I look at the outlook for the UK and global economies in 2024. To register, please visit:

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Posted on 08/01/2024

And finally…


To mark the start of the holiday season and the twelve days of Christmas, we present 12 of our best and ‘pun-niest’ "And finally" news stories from the Monday Briefing in 2023. The Monday Briefing is taking a break until Monday, 8 January. In the meantime, the Deloitte Economics team wishes you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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Posted on 18/12/2023

Autumn Statement - tax cuts, difficult decisions deferred


In his Autumn Statement last week the UK chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, managed the seemingly impossible, cutting taxes and reducing public borrowing.

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Posted on 27/11/2023

American exceptionalism

American exceptionalism

Join me this coming Thursday, 23 November, from 08:30-09:45 GMT, for a webinar discussion on the intellectual legacy of the great Scottish economist, Adam Smith, widely seen as the founding father of modern economics. 2023 is the 300th anniversary of Smith’s birth, and to mark the occasion I will be joined by the Rt Hon Liam Fox MP, Dr. Linda Yueh, the Oxford University economist and author of “The Great Economists” and Professor Charles Nolan, from Smith’s alma mater Glasgow University, to explore how Smith’s ideas can illuminate our thinking on economics and business today. To register for this webinar please visit:

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Posted on 20/11/2023

UK public finances… some positives, more challenges

Ukraine crisis – an economic assessment

Next Wednesday the UK chancellor of the exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, will present his Autumn Statement, which covers taxation, public expenditure and public debt. In some ways things have improved since Mr Hunt’s budget statement in March. Growth has outperformed the Office for Budget Responsibility’s (OBR) March GDP forecasts, government revenues have come in well ahead of expectations and public debt is on a lower than planned trajectory.

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Posted on 13/11/2023