Start-ups in Deloitte Innovation

The importance of disrupting yourself as a business


By Carolyn Fairbairn, Director-General, CBI

The pace of change in the business environment is accelerating. It is no longer the strongest businesses that survive and thrive - but rather the ones that adapt. A perfect concoction of technological advances and evolving customer behaviour means businesses across all sectors must be prepared to change.

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Mission: Impossible - Build a start-up in a large corporate

Propel Image

By Peter Harris, Propel by Deloitte lead

Eighteen months ago, three colleagues and I took on a new challenge. A challenge never previously undertaken at Deloitte – build the firm’s first start-up.

If the feat wasn’t already large enough, our aim was to build a start-up for start-ups called Propel by Deloitte - an accounting and analytics service that could empower ambitious start-ups and small businesses to grow. This meant accessing a new market and engaging a new audience.

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Work with start-ups to get to grips with digital transformation


By Julian Birkinshaw, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, London Business School

The challenge of ‘going digital’ is hardly new – many companies have been working on it for almost twenty years. But even those parts of the economy most suited to digital transformation continue to evolve in unpredictable ways, with new offerings emerging all the time. Online newspapers today include live blogs, video and interactive content; music is streamed and packaged into playlists; banking services are offered through peer-to-peer communities.

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