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Digital Pollution: your invisible carbon footprint

By Jess Oneal and Meera Shah


Sending emails, streaming videos and buying the newest phones all have environmental impacts. As the world strives to reduce its digital footprint, learn how you can reduce yours too.

Can we be doing more in the fight against climate change?

Climate change and technology appear to be at odds when considering what is at stake for the planet in the wake of progress. We continue to burn more and more energy as technology becomes more and more intertwined with our daily lives. And yet, the science is clear, globally, we must strive to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by the middle of this century in order to meet a 1.5°C climate change trajectory, as set out in the Paris Agreement.

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Keeping the brains of Britain


By Vimi Grewal-Carr, Innovation lead, Deloitte

The UK has a world class innovation system. Our last post highlighted the strengths and opportunities that Brexit posed for the UK innovation system. Among the strengths are idea generation and the quality of the UK’s universities, which attract students from all over the globe.

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Innovation outside the EU: threats and opportunities

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By Vimi Grewal-Carr, Innovation lead, Deloitte

Is Brexit the end of the UK’s global prominence in innovation?

The UK has made leaps and bounds over the last few years becoming a global power for innovation. It is once again in the top three most innovative nations in the world, according to the Global Innovation Index 2016.”

The UK is a leader in research and development as well as a hub for innovation, but there are concerns that leaving the EU will undermine that position.

What are the factors that will determine the scale of impact on the UK’s innovation system?

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