Crowdsourcing in Deloitte Innovation

Staying at the forefront of the gig economy


By Amirali Mohajer, Forefront Lead, Deloitte

Roland Coase, the brilliant British economist, had a simple and yet profound insight on the nature of firms. He recognised that the reason firms exist is mainly to reduce the transaction costs of going to the market for every single input they needed for production. It is simply too costly to identify the right supplier, negotiate a price and sign a contract for every nut and bolt needed. It makes sense for the entrepreneur to hire people and bring things in-house. However, Coase also recognised that as entrepreneurs create and grow their companies, they will create their own internal transaction costs. The bureaucracy needed to organise and allocate resources will become less efficient as the firm grows.

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The power of the Crowd: Easy access to affordable data, anywhere in the world

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By Tugce Bulut, CEO, Streetbees

At no point in history have communications and culture moved faster than today.

This is the age of the collaborative, co-creative, knowledge-based, hyper-productive organisation. The accelerating pace of change in business means there is an ever-growing urgency to connect the right people with the right information to drive business decisions. This can often mean the difference between success and failure.

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Working in a new way: Engaging millennial talent

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By Greg Howard, Deloitte Pixel lead

It would probably surprise you to learn that a quarter of your millennial employees – these born after 1985 – would like to quit their current jobs sometime this year. Those that do want to stay want to mix where they work between the coffee-shop-around-the-corner, their home office or even at the beach, if that’s okay with you? Oh, and they’d prefer not to work 9-5. Instead, they’d like to go to the gym mid-morning and grab a coffee with a friend mid-afternoon.

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