Blockchain in Deloitte Innovation

Blockchain in action: the future of digital identity


By Alexander Shelkovnikov, Corporate Venturing & Blockchain Lead, Deloitte

Despite technological advances, the way we provide our identity to others remains reliant on paper and plastic documents, physical contact and handwritten signatures.

What if there was a simpler way to manage identity?

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How do you create a culture of innovation in your business?


By Katy Bentley, Innovation Portfolio lead, Deloitte

Success is good. Failure is a bad. Synonyms for failure include breakdown, downfall and non-performance. Oddly the word lemon also features and I am reminded of the proverb “when life gives you lemons make lemonade”. Can this also be applied to failure? To experiment and fail but take the lessons you have learnt to create a recipe for something greater than the sum of its parts, making failure a crucial part of success.

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Blockchain: Democratised trust


By Stephen Marshall, Financial Services Technology lead, Deloitte

Trust is a foundational element of business. Yet maintaining it - particularly throughout a global economy that is becoming increasingly digital - is expensive, time-consuming, and, in many cases, inefficient. Some organisations are exploring how blockchain, the backbone behind bitcoin, might provide a viable alternative to the current procedural, organisational, and technological infrastructure required to create institutionalised trust. Though these exploratory efforts are still nascent, the payoff could be profound. Like the Internet reinvented communication, blockchain may similarly disrupt transactions, contracts, and trust - the underpinnings of business, government, and society.

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Why is blockchain rewiring markets?


By Stephen Marshall, Financial Services Technology lead, Deloitte

Blockchain’s ability to replace middlemen with mathematics is precisely why this technology matters. It can reduce overhead costs when parties trade assets directly with each other, or quickly prove ownership or authorship of information – a task that is currently next to impossible without either a central authority or impartial mediator.

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Identity 2030


By Tyler Welmans, Blockchain lab, Deloitte

It's 2030. You own your digital identity. It exists in one place, and is globally accessible. It is private by default and can only be read by you. You may choose to show parts of it to others, but the choice is yours.

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Death and taxes: real life on the blockchain

Stim_new BLOCKCHAIN 730x355

By Stephen Marshall, Financial Services Technology lead, Deloitte

With apologies to Benjamin Franklin, in today’s world, nothing can be said to be certain, except perhaps the blockchain. I’m sure that if he were still alive today, he would argue that this statement is an apt description of the inevitability of distributed ledger technology, if one were only to believe the hype currently surrounding it.

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Marginal gains with blockchains: let’s get back to basics in government


The recent Government Office for Science report, Distributed Ledger Technology: beyond block chain, describes the algorithms that enable the creation of distributed ledgers as “powerful, disruptive innovations that could transform the delivery of public and private services”. Certainly, when we look at the phenomenal interest in blockchain technology shown by banks, it is clear that the UK Government’s view is shared – at least for now – by a number of goliaths of industry.

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