Digital Pollution: your invisible carbon footprint

By Jess Oneal and Meera Shah


Sending emails, streaming videos and buying the newest phones all have environmental impacts. As the world strives to reduce its digital footprint, learn how you can reduce yours too.

Can we be doing more in the fight against climate change?

Climate change and technology appear to be at odds when considering what is at stake for the planet in the wake of progress. We continue to burn more and more energy as technology becomes more and more intertwined with our daily lives. And yet, the science is clear, globally, we must strive to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by the middle of this century in order to meet a 1.5°C climate change trajectory, as set out in the Paris Agreement.

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The FinTech Dilemma: When to scale up your business?

By Nigel Walsh, Partner, Deloitte

The UK is home to some of the world's most exciting and successful FinTech start-ups. From cross-border payments, to alternative lending, InsurTech disruptors, to digital banks, London has been the birthplace of great FinTech start-ups, as identified in our report for the Global FinTech Hub Federation.

But the UK cannot yet claim to be a natural home for FinTech scale-ups.

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Asset or Liability, how do you view your workforce?


By Deanna Lloyd, Manager, Deloitte

“Our business is only as good as the people we have.” A phrase you will have heard or read as part of leadership strategy and communications. But how often do business leaders make human capital decisions on the premise that people are a contribution to the business, rather than a cost?

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Intrapreneurs: Mavericks who could save your business


By Jemma Venables, Senior Manager, Deloitte

Businesses are under increasing pressure to innovate to survive. Innovation in many businesses is no longer a trendy nice-to–have, but something that is now essential to strategy and organisational change. This might be implementing new technology to streamline core services, delivering core services in an entirely different way, or designing completely new products or services. The level of ambition and pace of innovation in each business will depend on the risk tolerance of leadership, as well as the extent of disruption occurring in the business' sector.

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Power up: Pragmatism amidst uncertainty


By Jemma Venables, Senior Manager, Deloitte

The future of work can feel like an imminent and overwhelming issue that requires drastic and immediate action. We know we need to do something, but coming up with a pragmatic, future-proof plan is hard.

So, what can we do to prepare ourselves and our organisations?

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Re-bundling the bank


By Louise Brett, FinTech Lead, Deloitte

We are fast entering the second wave of FinTech.

In the first wave, start-ups ‘unbundled the bank’. Swashbuckling new entrants built exciting businesses around individual products in areas like business lending, FX and payments. The FinTech trailblazers weren’t interested in providing the full joined-up bundle of bank services – from current accounts to payments, lending and insurance. They wanted to do very specific things. And do them better and cheaper than incumbent banks.

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Does innovation result in shareholder value?

By Katy Bentley, Innovation Portfolio lead, Deloitte

Alex Curry, Leader of Doblin Western Europe states: “creating new products is only one way to innovate, and on its own, it provides the lowest return on investment and the least competitive advantage [1]”.

When I talk to clients about their innovation strategies, it is more often than not about the new products and services they are developing. In a recent Innovation survey we conducted with the CBI, 30% of companies surveyed said that product development was the main benefit of innovation. However, we believe that companies need a strong mix of cultural as well as product based innovation to achieve business growth. Indeed, it is those organisations who achieve a truly integrated innovation strategy that can expect to derive the most value for shareholders.

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What are your customers saying about you? #SocialIntelligence


By Al Bowman, Risk Sensing Lead, Deloitte

In recent months, the public has continued to surprise pollsters. Following the surprise results of the US elections and Brexit, many are considering how we can better listen to what the public is saying. Social media is certainly part of the answer. The ability to listen is equally important for businesses. They need to be able to both listen to and influence social conversations to manage reputational risks and stay connected to their customers. Monitoring social conversations is especially important for organisations where reputation is fundamental to the value of their business.

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Start-ups to steer UK adoption of driverless vehicles


By Justine Bornstein, Research Lead for Automotive and Industrial Products, Deloitte

Like it or not, the future depicted in all manner of 1960s science fiction films and TV shows is fast upon us, with the mass deployment of driverless vehicles expected to arrive in the next few years for many developed nations. The UK government is keen to get on board this autonomous train and it will be thanks in part to the innovative abilities of the start-up community that it moves full steam ahead.

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Blockchain in action: the future of digital identity


By Alexander Shelkovnikov, Corporate Venturing & Blockchain Lead, Deloitte

Despite technological advances, the way we provide our identity to others remains reliant on paper and plastic documents, physical contact and handwritten signatures.

What if there was a simpler way to manage identity?

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A recipe for enterprise innovation: startup/corporate collaboration


A Q&A with Alex Dunsdon, Co-Founder, The Bakery

Vimi Grewal-Carr, managing partner for Innovation interviews Alex Dunsdon, Co-Founder at The Bakery to explore how startups and corporates can work better together. The Bakery partners brands and corporates with the world's best tech startups.

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