Reskilling the HR team in HR Spotlight

Berlin puts the spotlight on the world of HR for 48 hours: an outlook from the Corporate Research Forum’s annual HR conference

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A few weeks ago, I attended the Corporate Research Forum's annual HR conference[1] in Germany's fabulous capital. The conference, which was chaired by Dame Tessa Jowell MP, took place over 48 hours and provided 320 senior HR delegates the opportunity to network and participate in a series of ‘From Battlefields to Boardrooms’ presentations, examining lessons from war fare for implementing strategies and leading complex change programmes.

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More than the sum of their parts: HR technology trends paint a bigger picture for HR

More than the sum of their parts? Understanding the threads between HR Technology trends reveals even greater potential for organisational impact.

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The HR blind spot: People Risk – a challenge (and opportunity) for HR

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The HR blind spot - People Risk is increasingly important; but is HR owning it?

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Millions of Britons are worrying themselves sick because of problems with money - how can Payroll help?

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National Payroll Week: How Payroll can support employees resolve their financial stress.
With 79% of organisations considering including financial education in their HR Strategy, how can Payroll support this initiative?

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HR: The new agenda

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 “They couldn’t lead their way out of a wet paperbag!”  How often have you heard that phase uttered around the coffee machine?  It would appear you are not alone.   In the September 2013 Real-life Leaders report, the CIPD highlighted that 72% of organisations reported a deficit in management and leadership skills.

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