Deloitte’s 2015 UK Human Capital Trends: The state of the HR nation

Each year Deloitte carries out a global survey to better understand the trends and issues faced by HR functions and professionals around the world. This year was the largest survey yet, with responses from almost 3,300 HR and senior business leaders in 106 countries. And 72 of those responses came from the UK. In the UK respondent pool, 33% of responses came from business leaders, the remainder from HR, and a roughly equal split of responses came from small, medium and large organisations (defined as having less than a thousand employees, one thousand and one to ten thousand and ten thousand plus, respectively).

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HR SaaS applications: Business or tech transformation?


Why are HR cloud application implementations now business transformation rather than technology transformation projects?

The way organisations and individuals interact, process transactions and deliver HR services is changing. The emergence of cloud HR solutions has moved the HR systems goalposts. The focus is no longer on technology-driven, on premise and customised solutions but on business-driven, standardised and configurable solutions.

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Learning - Isn’t there an App for that?


In an age where there is an App for just about everything, should we scrap everything we have in Learning & Development and start again with an App?

We know the world is changing – you can’t get through day without using a really useful App or website. So, to keep our learning current, should we convert all of our workplace learning into something new and Digital? Is it time to throw away our classroom courses?

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The challenges of Agile

What is Agile and what does it mean in the HR Applications world?

The emergence of SaaS HR applications has proved a game changer for HR, allowing the potential to make full use of the advantages of Agile approaches to HR Transformations.

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Leadership and history: What can Napoleon Bonaparte teach us about HR?

In the closing parts of War and Peace Leo Tolstoy famously asserted that it isn’t really our leaders that are important, it’s our societies. It is something of the life blood of a people that makes them fight and win – or lose. It is not so much their leadership. So I can only assume that he would probably not have agreed with what I have to say in this blog.

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User experience: HR Apps for the iPad generation

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HR Apps are allowing employers to engage with a new generation of employees in a more effective way and are setting new standards for user experience.

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Elusive? The business case for cloud investments

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Predicted to become the bulk of IT spend by 2016 [1], the speed with which cloud technologies are being embraced across the enterprise is nothing short of remarkable. Right around the world, those at the very top of leading organisations are increasingly coming to see the economic sense of the SaaS model. What’s even more remarkable is that it is the HR function at the forefront of this wave. 

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Berlin puts the spotlight on the world of HR for 48 hours: an outlook from the Corporate Research Forum’s annual HR conference

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A few weeks ago, I attended the Corporate Research Forum's annual HR conference[1] in Germany's fabulous capital. The conference, which was chaired by Dame Tessa Jowell MP, took place over 48 hours and provided 320 senior HR delegates the opportunity to network and participate in a series of ‘From Battlefields to Boardrooms’ presentations, examining lessons from war fare for implementing strategies and leading complex change programmes.

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Making reward relevant

It is getting harder for employers to be sure that they are getting their money’s worth out of the reward spend. Over the past few years, companies are struggling to understand how to retain, motivate and engage an increasingly complex, diverse and mobile workforce, within the constraints of lower pay awards.

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More than the sum of their parts: HR technology trends paint a bigger picture for HR

More than the sum of their parts? Understanding the threads between HR Technology trends reveals even greater potential for organisational impact.

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