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Learning - Isn’t there an App for that?


In an age where there is an App for just about everything, should we scrap everything we have in Learning & Development and start again with an App?

We know the world is changing – you can’t get through day without using a really useful App or website. So, to keep our learning current, should we convert all of our workplace learning into something new and Digital? Is it time to throw away our classroom courses?

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Posted on 29/01/2015 | 4 Comments

Leadership and history: What can Napoleon Bonaparte teach us about HR?

In the closing parts of War and Peace Leo Tolstoy famously asserted that it isn’t really our leaders that are important, it’s our societies. It is something of the life blood of a people that makes them fight and win – or lose. It is not so much their leadership. So I can only assume that he would probably not have agreed with what I have to say in this blog.

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Posted on 03/12/2014 | 0 Comments

Why you should move to HR Cloud technology

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It wasn’t more than four years ago when the Cloud technology platforms started to gain traction and business application providers were debating the feasibility of delivering solutions in this way. In many of the conferences and discussions at the time, there was in HR a suspicion that this type of platform would never be applicable to HR, owing to data protection and security concerns as to what could happen if sensitive data were in a Cloud.

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Posted on 14/08/2014 | 3 Comments

HR: The new agenda

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 “They couldn’t lead their way out of a wet paperbag!”  How often have you heard that phase uttered around the coffee machine?  It would appear you are not alone.   In the September 2013 Real-life Leaders report, the CIPD highlighted that 72% of organisations reported a deficit in management and leadership skills.

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Posted on 10/06/2014 | 0 Comments