Implementing talent analytics in HR Spotlight

What price is HR? Mastering the economics of people in pursuit of the new commercial function

Piggy Bank SIZED

We’ve all heard it before when it comes to business change. A new broom arrives, yet another strategic review is announced, a programme led by a recently headhunted and margin-zealous CFO is mobilised and a board populated by proponents of impending corporate doom align behind a central communications announcement of transformation necessity.

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A brain called Bryan


We hear all the time that technology is taking over our lives; that the pace of progress is increasing. I guess it probably is, but like the evolutionary species we are, when faced with this realisation most of us shrug, accept that we are now tethered to electronic devices of some description and just get on with it in the name of progress.

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Mastering insights – How HR must learn to live with analytic complexity

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In life, as well as in work, we’ve been told that it is best to keep things simple. And indeed this was the case before analytics entered the business world. Through the sheer power afforded by data, combined with the insatiable appetite of senior executives for competitive advantage, it seems as if there has to be at least four angles to everything.  So whether it is about pinpointing the cause, predicting the probability, measuring the impact or modelling future scenarios, it seems that the days of viewing talent through the simple lens of reporting is no longer going to be enough. Binary assessment and categorisation of people, based on the belief that all employees are very similar, is being replaced with complex statistical profiling to illustrate the unique richness across our workforces.

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HR: The new agenda

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 “They couldn’t lead their way out of a wet paperbag!”  How often have you heard that phase uttered around the coffee machine?  It would appear you are not alone.   In the September 2013 Real-life Leaders report, the CIPD highlighted that 72% of organisations reported a deficit in management and leadership skills.

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