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HR SaaS applications: Business or tech transformation?


Why are HR cloud application implementations now business transformation rather than technology transformation projects?

The way organisations and individuals interact, process transactions and deliver HR services is changing. The emergence of cloud HR solutions has moved the HR systems goalposts. The focus is no longer on technology-driven, on premise and customised solutions but on business-driven, standardised and configurable solutions.

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User experience: HR Apps for the iPad generation

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HR Apps are allowing employers to engage with a new generation of employees in a more effective way and are setting new standards for user experience.

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Elusive? The business case for cloud investments

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Predicted to become the bulk of IT spend by 2016 [1], the speed with which cloud technologies are being embraced across the enterprise is nothing short of remarkable. Right around the world, those at the very top of leading organisations are increasingly coming to see the economic sense of the SaaS model. What’s even more remarkable is that it is the HR function at the forefront of this wave. 

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Borderless talent management – How well does your system support “Glocalisation”?

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There is a recruitment rat race going on and to compete well in this race organisations need to shift from strategies to ‘hold people here’ to ‘attracting and engaging people’ [1]. In growing numbers employees are seeking better growth and development, more flexible work arrangements and technology that supports 24/7 workplace connectivity.

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Using the Cloud to get value from existing applications

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On premise and the cloud – working together

Traditionally, when organisations have chosen to embark upon an HRIS transformation project, the best-practice solution has been to combine all modules and functionality into one fully integrated stand-alone HCM platform. There were many reasons why organisations chose that approach such as reducing the cost of maintaining multiple applications at once, and ensuring that there is only ‘one source of the truth’ for HR data

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HR: The new agenda

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 “They couldn’t lead their way out of a wet paperbag!”  How often have you heard that phase uttered around the coffee machine?  It would appear you are not alone.   In the September 2013 Real-life Leaders report, the CIPD highlighted that 72% of organisations reported a deficit in management and leadership skills.

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