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HR Apps are allowing employers to engage with a new generation of employees in a more effective way and are setting new standards for user experience.

What is the ‘iPad generation’?

The ‘iPad generation’ brings to the workplace a set of values, attributes and skills unlike that of their predecessors – socially connected, hungry for information and sensitive to the usability of a product. These users bring a potential to change the business landscape in creative and technologically-advanced ways. How do you cater for a workforce that is global, mobile and diverse?

Adapting HCM systems to the next generation of employees has become a business imperative for forward thinking leaders who have focused on enhancing organisation performance through engagement, productivity and retention.

The massive growth in ownership of smartphones has redefined technology: it must be portable, easily accessible and intuitive. In the HR space, the advantages of HR-focused mobile applications lie in the potential to enhance communication, user experience and analytics – a channel through which workforce management and engagement can speed up organisational processes and encourage collaboration.

But really, what can these HR apps do?

With more human resource professionals using mobile devices as their go-to communication tools, HR SaaS or ERP vendors now offer Apps providing secured access to HCM and Talent Management solutions as part of their standard offering. Employees and managers can now access a variety of HR transactions at their fingertips: Managing Core HR changes, approvals and notifications, Time & Expenses, Absences, Compensation Management, Talent Management, Recruitment and engaging in online collaboration with their team and colleagues.

Cloud-based apps can be accessed over the web, from any location, via smartphones and tablets, meaning that, for example, employees can file time and expense reports, look up colleagues on a staff directory and submit their input for performance reviews while on the move.

Vendors have set the emphasis on portability of their application and the simplification of the user interface: navigate, swipe and click! It is intuitive, clear, concise and conforms to the expected look and feel of mobile apps. It underpins the renewed focus on employee engagement as these HR applications are designed for consumer usability and for simplicity in usage and function.

Some might say that HR systems have never been visually appealing, so what do the HR Apps look like? The aesthetics of the products are impressive: these Apps look good and are visually aligned with what users have come to expect from social-networking products outside of the corporate domain: bright colours, ease of reading on a small screen, no overload of information displayed on a page, but the key HR data you may need is only one swipe away.

The advantages of HR Apps

For global organisations, a key advantage of HR apps is the potential to consolidate all HCM applications in the employee or manager’s pocket, driving a standardisation and simplification across global HR processes. It will also enable individuals to leverage a global network and encourage them to stay connected and collaborate. Moreover, employees will have the same career experience wherever they are, and the availability of HR analytics on-demand will drive efficiency and support a more direct, fast-paced and strategic workforce management.

What the iPad has brought in terms of internet consumption, HR Apps are starting to bring to the world of employee engagement.

Nicolas Peyrard0013 SIZEDNicolas Peyrard
Nicolas is a Manager in the Human Capital – HR Applications Consulting practice. Over the past 9 years, Nicolas has specialised in HR Transformation projects, managing global projects across multiple industries (Retail, Financial Services, Medias, and Professional Services).



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