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It wasn’t more than four years ago when the Cloud technology platforms started to gain traction and business application providers were debating the feasibility of delivering solutions in this way. In many of the conferences and discussions at the time, there was in HR a suspicion that this type of platform would never be applicable to HR, owing to data protection and security concerns as to what could happen if sensitive data were in a Cloud.

How quickly that all changed.  

HR leaders realised that Cloud technology presented a big opportunity to escape the constraints of the forever-limited IT budget in their organisations. In addition, they saw how use of Cloud technology could prevent them being stuck with old versions of ERP software until such time as there was a solid business case to upgrade, or  that this upgrade could be fitted in with changes in other interdependent business areas such as Finance.

By moving HR data into the Cloud with applications ranging from Core HR data, to the talent management areas of Resourcing, Performance Management, Learning, Compensation and Benefits, etc., these early adopters quickly reaped the benefits of the latest versions and functionality offered by vendors who found themselves in a highly competitive market vying for the latest and greatest functionality to sell their Cloud solutions.

Now four years on and the world of HR has moved aggressively into deploying a host of HR Cloud solutions to their organisations. They are harnessing the advanced technology as never before by having mobile apps, social media and of course access to the latest and greatest functionality to support their strategic ambitions.

Could it be that employees of the future will assess organisations by how mod and funky their HR systems are and choose those that use Cloud HR technologies?  Cloud is here to stay and the days of on premise will disappear into history very shortly.

Cloud solutions today offer HR a wealth of benefits in all aspects of functionality from core HR admin for Starters, Movers and Leavers to Payroll in the Cloud and also all the Talent management components which are becoming more and more critical to the effective support of all areas of business today.

Perhaps in our world of HR we can safely say with Cloud solutions, the sky is truly the limit of where we want to take our value added services to our organisations.

Wayne 2Wayne Carstensen
Wayne is a Partner in the Deloitte UK Human Capital Practice and has been in the HR Consulting and HR technologies space for the last 30 years advising HR and IT Leaders across many international organisations in their HR programmes. He has a deep appreciation of the complexities and challenges  in implementing new HRIT and the transformation needed for HR teams to deliver benefits to their organisations.




  • Good article and food for thought. Are there any metrics on the take up of cloud technology in HR to date vs more tradinitional hosting? Regards Lawrence

    Posted by: Lawrence McCarthy on 19/08/2014

  • Hi Lawrence
    OTR Global and various other research organisations have been publishing comment and trends re take up.

    Posted by: Wayne Carstensen on 27/08/2014

  • Wayne a great article, HR data into the Cloud with applications is great, as all technologies are moving to cloud technology, Cloud hr softwares are a great help in todays office work.

    Posted by: Blake Logan on 10/04/2017

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