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World Earth Day 2022: Investing in our planet through affirmative action, innovation and collaboration

By Dylan Powell, Research Analyst, Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions, Deloitte

BannerFriday the 22nd of April marks World Earth Day and this year’s theme is ‘investing in our planet’. With so much focus on the problems and challenges facing the planet, it can be easy to forget about the solutions and mechanisms of change to improve outcomes. Significant progress has already been made in advocating and raising awareness of climate positive actions since the first World Earth Day in 1970. This week’s blog recognises World Earth Day as an opportunity to showcase progress but also to act as a catalyst and inspiration for change. This week’s blog provides examples of affirmative action from healthcare and life sciences acting boldly, innovating broadly and harnessing partnerships to implement equitably.

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Pharmacists of the future may be indispensable

By Sonal Shah, PharmD, senior manager, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, Deloitte Services, LP


This week’s blog, by Sonal Shah, a senior manager in US Center for Health Solutions appeared first as a Health Forward Blog. It explores how the changing role and scope of pharmacy has been instrumental in the US community response to COVID-19 and will continue to evolve further. While clearly focused on the US market this insightful analysis resonates with the UK’s Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s key principles for transformation seen across the pharmacy workforce following the COVID-19 pandemic. It also builds on the People Plan for the future pharmacy workforce.1  It also reflects some of our findings in the  ‘The Future of Public Health’ report series, for a more preventative approach to care. By sharing the blog, we hope that it provides a sense check on the UK’s plan for making more effective use of the extensive skills of our pharmacists.

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Measuring the return from pharmaceutical innovation – nurturing growth

By Emily May, Assistant Manager, UK Centre for Health Solutions

LSHC blog banner image 13 Jan 2022

Since 2010, we have examined biopharmaceutical (biopharma) R&D by tracking the returns that leading global biopharma companies might expect to achieve from their late-stage pipelines. Yesterday we launched Nurturing growth: Measuring the return from pharmaceutical innovation 2021, the 12th report in our series which shows that in 2021 our cohort of 15 high spending R&D companies have seen a large uptick in the average internal rate of return (IRR). This is driven largely by reduced average costs to develop an asset, reduced cycle times and increased average sales forecasts. This week’s blog explores these 2021 report findings and discusses how companies can learn the lessons from the past 12 months to realise a productive future for drug development.

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Reducing health inequalities and improving access to medicine through access and affordability programmes

By Elizabeth Hampson, Director Monitor Deloitte

LSHC blog banner image 5 Dec

Today, over a quarter of the world’s population has no access to essential medicines and, for more than two billion people worldwide, medicines may be unaffordable, unavailable, inaccessible or non-quality assured.1 2 With statistics this stark, and the increased awareness (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) of the impact of both global and national health inequalities on health outcomes, there is a need for much better awareness and more targeted action to improve access to medicine for all.

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COP26 – Our hopes for a healthier, collaborative, interconnected future

By Giles Dean, Sustainability Manager, and James Gregson, Partner, UK Life Sciences and Healthcare leader


The research evidence is unequivocal, public, planetary and economic health are inextricably linked and no continent, country or community is immune from the impacts of climate change. The race to net zero is also a race to a healthier, cleaner and more resilient future. We hope that the undeniable link between improving the health outcomes of society and a successful net-zero transition will be central to COP26. This blog outlines a discussion between Giles Dean, Sustainability Manager at Deloitte UK,  and James Gregson, Partner and UK Life Sciences and Healthcare leader, on their hopes for COP26 and the implications for healthcare and, specifically the pharmaceutical (pharma) industry, across not just environmental, but also social and governance (ESG) indicators.1

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These strategies could boost diversity in clinical trials

By Margaret Anderson, managing director, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Clinical trials take data from a small, but representative selection of subjects and generalise the findings to the wider population. However, as we have discussed in our previous blogs on the subject, Why improving inclusion and diversity in clinical trials should be a research priority and Diversity and inclusion in clinical trials – an imperative, especially in times of COVID-19, overcoming the lack of diversity in clinical trials is a medical and ethical imperative to achieve true representation of the patient population. This week’s blog, by Margaret Anderson, our Strategy & Analytics Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leader in Deloitte Consulting, appeared first as a US Center for Health Solutions, Health Forward Blog and reflects on the stakeholder interviews our US colleagues conducted to understand how diversity could be improved in clinical trials.

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Beyond COVID-19: Unlocking the power of mRNA vaccines and therapies

By Pratik Avhad, Senior Analyst, and Maria João Cruz, PhD, Assistant Research Manager, Centre for Health Solutions

Beyond COVID-19

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 218 million cases and over 4.5 million COVID-related deaths have been reported worldwide, numbers that continue to grow.1 As long as the SARS-CoV-2 virus is in circulation, it will have an opportunity to mutate into potentially more infectious strains and remain an ever-moving target. Vaccines are an essential tool in the arsenal to combat this pandemic.2 To date, six vaccines have been approved for emergency or full use by at least one WHO-recognised stringent regulatory authority. All have been proven to be safe and effective at preventing severe disease, hospitalisation and COVID-related death.3 Vaccine developers are using a variety of technologies and techniques from the tried and tested to completely novel approaches. The first vaccine to receive emergency approval was a first-in-class synthetic messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine4, making RNA a household word. Even though mRNA technology itself is not new, its clinical reality is still nascent and this blog explores its concept and considers what future uses might emerge.

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Reflections from a research analyst: Five reasons I’m glad I joined Deloitte

By Krissie Ferris, Research Analyst, Centre for Health Solutions

Reflections from research

This is my last week in the Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions, my home at Deloitte for almost two years. I'm not moving far though as I’m joining Deloitte’s Technology Digital Risk (TDR) Public Sector Health team, where I’ll be working with clients across the NHS and the wider healthcare industry to digitise ways of working and to help realise the huge opportunities for operational efficiencies and improved patient outcomes that can be enabled through technology. Having started my career in the NHS, I’m excited to start this new chapter and bring with me the knowledge and skills I’ve developed in my research role at the Centre. This blog reflects on my fabulous time at Deloitte so far and shares some of the reasons I’m looking forward to joining the health team.

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Reputational reset: How digital capabilities can help biopharma companies (re)build consumer trust

By Jonathan Fox, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting US, and Hanno Ronte, Partner, Monitor Deloitte UK


Let’s talk about trust, specifically, consumer trust in biopharmaceutical (biopharma) manufacturers. Why do consumers trust or distrust biopharma companies? What do consumers think biopharma should do to increase trust? Can companies use digital capabilities to build, or in some cases rebuild, consumer trust? Why is trust important? These were some of the questions we discussed at a digital leader’ roundtable event at LSX’s World Congress USA event which Deloitte was a sponsor. This week’s blog provides our personal take on the key takeaways to emerge from that discussion.

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Event highlights: Pharma R&D productivity and learnings from the pandemic

By Dr Maria João Cruz, PhD, Assistant Manager, Centre for Health Solutions


Following the launch of our eleventh annual report ‘Seeds of change: Measuring the return from pharmaceutical innovation 2020’, our UK and US Life Sciences R&D lead partners, Colin Terry and Neil Lesser, hosted a webinar with R&D executives from Pfizer and Novartis to discuss R&D productivity. The discussion also covered the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on productivity. This week’s blog covers the main takeaways from this insightful discussion that resonated the most with me.

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