International Women’s Day: ‘BreakTheBias’ to tackle climate change more effectively

By Karen Taylor Director Centre for Health Solutions


On Tuesday, 8th March we will celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) recognising the historical, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women the world over. The theme for this year’s IWD is ‘#BreakTheBias’ aimed at raising awareness of the need to tackle bias and address inequalities. When I thought of what this means for me personally, I was reminded of the COP26 meeting in November 2021, where women took to the global stage to show that climate change isn’t gender neutral but amplifies existing gender inequalities. Moreover, that because women bear the brunt of the climate crisis they also have an important role to play in the fight against climate change. This week’s blog is aimed at raising the profile of IWD and at the same time highlighting the unequal impact of climate change on women and girls and demonstrating the tremendous contribution that women can and should be empowered to make.

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How genomics is transforming healthcare in the UK

By Aiden Hannah, Research Analyst, and Karen Taylor, Director, Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions


In September 2021, to mark the first anniversary of the Deloitte Life Sciences Catalyst, we were privileged to attend an insightful hybrid webinar on The Future of Genomics.1 The webinar, chaired by Deloitte partner Mike Standing, was introduced by Frances Cousins who leads the Catalyst, and featured the following esteemed panellists: Professor Dame Sue Hill (Chief Scientific Officer for England), Dr David Bentley (Chief Scientific Officer of Illumina), Dr David Atkins (Chief Executive Officer of Congenica), Dr Julia Wilson (Associate Director, Wellcome Sanger Institute) and Chris Cowles (Partner, Withers Bergman LLP). This week’s blog shares our key take-aways from their fascinating discussion and explores and how genomics is transforming healthcare, and the value and power of a collaborative life sciences ecosystem to the UK and beyond.

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Pharmacists of the future may be indispensable

By Sonal Shah, PharmD, senior manager, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, Deloitte Services, LP


This week’s blog, by Sonal Shah, a senior manager in US Center for Health Solutions appeared first as a Health Forward Blog. It explores how the changing role and scope of pharmacy has been instrumental in the US community response to COVID-19 and will continue to evolve further. While clearly focused on the US market this insightful analysis resonates with the UK’s Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s key principles for transformation seen across the pharmacy workforce following the COVID-19 pandemic. It also builds on the People Plan for the future pharmacy workforce.1  It also reflects some of our findings in the  ‘The Future of Public Health’ report series, for a more preventative approach to care. By sharing the blog, we hope that it provides a sense check on the UK’s plan for making more effective use of the extensive skills of our pharmacists.

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2022 Deloitte CxO Sustainability report: Moving from ambition to impact in Life Sciences and Healthcare

By James Gregson, UK LSHC Lead Partner, Deloitte LLP, and Dylan Powell, Research Analyst, Centre for Health Solutions


Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity with harmful impacts already visible today. Companies across the globe are introducing net zero targets and aiming to cut carbon emissions by ingraining more sustainable practices into their operations. Deloitte’s latest CxO Sustainability report, Deloitte’s 2022 CxO Sustainability Report: The Disconnect Between Ambition and Impact, published in January 2022, found that business leaders’ apprehensions about the global climate have increased significantly over recent months, but they’re also more optimistic that immediate action can make a difference.1 Nevertheless, despite higher awareness and concern over climate change, there remains a disconnect between CxO’s ambition, actions and results. In this week’s blog we explore how the responses from life sciences leaders compare with the report’s main findings; what the life sciences and healthcare (LSHC) industry needs to do and how fast it needs to do it.

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2022 Global Health Outlook: Reimaging public health after COVID

By Dr. Stephanie Allen, senior partner, Global Health Care leader, Deloitte Australia


This week’s blog, by Dr Stephanie Allen, a senior partner in Deloitte Australia and Deloitte’s Global Health Care leader, appeared first as a US Center for Health Solutions, Health Forward Blog. In drawing on the findings from Deloitte’s 2022 Global Health Care Outlook report, it explores how the pandemic has been a catalyst for significant reform of public health systems globally. Our reasons for sharing it with you is not only is it incredibly relevant to what we are seeing in the UK and Europe but it also resonates strongly with the findings in our UK  ‘The Future of Public Health’ report series.

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The Future of Public Health: Preventing ill-health and promoting healthy behaviours

By Karen Taylor and Samrina Bhatti, Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions

LSHC blog banner image 28 Jan 2022

This week, we launched the fourth report in our future of public health series, Negating the gap:  Preventing ill health and promoting healthy behaviours, highlighting the unequal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and how failing to focus more on preventative services has disproportionately affected people living in more economically disadvantaged areas. It considers how recent policy changes, such as the introduction of Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) and the establishment of the Office of Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID), provides an opportunity to increase the priority given to prevention; and identifies that increasing healthy life years and reducing inequalities requires a population health management (PHM) approach and more effective and targeted funding for prevention. This week’s blog provides an overview of our main findings and why a more concerted effort on ill-health prevention and health promotion is needed.

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The State of the State 2021-22: a new normal for health and care?

By Aiden Hannah, Research Analyst, and Karen Taylor, Director, Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions

LSHC blog banner image 21 Jan 2022

In November 2021, Deloitte’s public sector team together with the think tank Reform published their tenth annual report ‘The State of the State 2021-22: Towards a new public sector normal’. The report recognises that, since March 2020, the UK governments and public services have led radical, exhaustive, and dynamic responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this past year, they have had to deal with both the pandemic and its wider repercussions in seeking to establish a ‘new normal’. Unsurprisingly, health and social care feature throughout the commentary. Our blog this week provides our take on the report’s key findings on the NHS and social care, supplemented where relevant with observations from our own research.

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Measuring the return from pharmaceutical innovation – nurturing growth

By Emily May, Assistant Manager, UK Centre for Health Solutions

LSHC blog banner image 13 Jan 2022

Since 2010, we have examined biopharmaceutical (biopharma) R&D by tracking the returns that leading global biopharma companies might expect to achieve from their late-stage pipelines. Yesterday we launched Nurturing growth: Measuring the return from pharmaceutical innovation 2021, the 12th report in our series which shows that in 2021 our cohort of 15 high spending R&D companies have seen a large uptick in the average internal rate of return (IRR). This is driven largely by reduced average costs to develop an asset, reduced cycle times and increased average sales forecasts. This week’s blog explores these 2021 report findings and discusses how companies can learn the lessons from the past 12 months to realise a productive future for drug development.

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How digital technology is changing healthcare: A physiotherapists perspective

By Dylan Powell, Research Analyst, Deloitte

LSHC blog banner image 7 Jan 2022

Since its inception in 1948, the National Health Service (NHS) has transformed and evolved to be one of the biggest employers globally (1.5 million employees).1 However, despite this, over the past 22 months of the pandemic has had a significant impact on many aspects of healthcare delivery and exposed the limitations and fragility of the current volume-based healthcare system. It is a system that is struggling to meet the increasing demand and expectations of society, government, staff and most importantly patients. One of the most visible outcomes of this struggle is the increase in waiting times for both emergency treatment and elective surgery. Today, an estimated 5.6 million people are waiting for routine elective procedures, a number that is expected to grow to some 13 million people in a few years unless new ways of working are adopted.2 This week’s blog, by our new analyst Dylan Powell, considers how the use of digital technology and a more preventative self-management model is changing physiotherapy and could help to manage healthcare pressures effectively.

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The Future of Public Health: Bridging the gap

By Karen Taylor and Samrina Bhatti, Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions

LSHC blog banner image 17 Dec

This week, we launched the third report in our future of public health series, Bridging the gap: Protecting the nation from public health threats. Health protection requires targeted and cross‑functional approaches to tackle multiple, diverse and challenging public health threats. These threats need to be managed in an optimal way to reduce health inequalities, avoidable disability and premature death. Our ‘Bridging the gap’ report examines the UK’s policies and approaches to health protection. The pandemic has, however, exposed critical gaps in the health protection system, including workforce and funding shortages, a lack of surveillance capacity, and fragmented and unclear accountabilities. This week’s blog discusses the challenges pre-COVID-19, the impact of the pandemic and what the future might hold, based on key findings in our third public health report.

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