Medical Devices in Thoughts from the Centre

Eight IoT barriers for connected medical devices…and how to overcome them

by Greg Reh, vice chairman, US and Global Life Sciences leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP


In July 2018, we released our report, Medtech and The Internet of Medical Things, which examined the proliferation of medical grade Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, the benefits they provide, the challenges that need to be overcome for them to become a staple in health care delivery and what the future of the medtech industry may look like. This week’s blog, by Deloitte’s global Life Sciences leader Greg Reh, first appeared on the US Center for Health Solutions blog site.1 The blog presents his take on some of the findings from the report, and the challenges and opportunities for Medtech in this rapidly evolving space.

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Medtech and the Internet of Medical Things: How connected medical devices are transforming health care

by Dr. Mark Steedman, Research Manager, Centre for Health Solutions


This week, we launched our report Medtech and the Internet of Medical Things: How connected medical devices are transforming health care. Our report takes an in-depth look at how connectivity is impacting the medtech industry, the challenges and opportunities that medtech companies are facing due to the rise of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), the specific role connected medical devices are playing in the growth of the IoMT and what the future will bring for medtech and the IoMT.

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2018: Evolutionary, or revolutionary?

by Karen Taylor, Director, Centre for Health Solutions

Evolution LSHC

In November 2017 we launched our report - ‘The future awakens: life sciences and health care predictions 2022’ - which provides an overview of six predictions that we believe will transform health care. This article, which first appeared in the Med Tech Innovation (MIT) news magazine,1 discusses the key medical technology innovations that I believe will impact health care in 2018.

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Managing Medical Device Security Risk


This week’s blog appeared as an article in Deloitte Insights in the CIO Journal from The Wall Street Journal last month and is written by our colleagues in the US: Veronica Lim, Principle; Russell Jones, partner; and Nick Sikorski, senior consultant. The article, linked to a Dbrief Webcast in May 2017 titled Medical devices and the Internet of Things: A three-layer defence against cyber threats, discusses the cyber security issues affecting new and legacy medical devices and the strategies companies can use to mitigate the risks associated with them.

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Paying for innovation in medical technology


This week we’re delighted to feature a ‘my take’ written by our US colleague Harry Greenspun – MD, Director, Center for Health Solutions. We thought it would strike a cord with those fair weather cyclists who are starting to emerge from winter hibernation, but also to those of us interested in learning how the US Med-Tech industry is adapting to new value based payment models. 

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The rise of life science strategic alliances – are you ready to maximise the opportunities?


This week the Center for Health Solutions is delighted to bring you a guest blog from one of our consultants in health care and life sciences: 

The life science industry is facing significant challenges such as patent cliffs, pricing and market access restrictions as well as increasing regulatory pressure. These challenges fundamentally call into question traditional business models and, as a result, life science companies are increasingly looking to new and innovative ways to tackle these challenges

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Will wearable technology transform healthcare?


Wearable technology is an industry that continues to grow and adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of our world. Many health- and fitness-related technologies have multiple applications and encourage wearers to be more engaged in their own fitness, help modify behavior by reminding wearers to exercise or take medication.

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Mobile Health Apps: A passing novelty or a game changer for healthcare?


In December 2012, the Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions’ report ‘Telecare and telehealth- a game changer for health and social care’ focussed on the costs and benefits of scaling up the adoption of traditional telecommunication technology. Given that the adoption of mobile technology in healthcare was still in its infancy we proposed returning to the use of mobile technology at a later date.

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Improving clinical trials: A virtual solution to a challenging reality


Pharmaceutical companies face a very real and immediate challenge to achieve sustainable Research and Development (R&D) models and produce affordable treatments. The rising cost of drug development, highlighted in Deloitte’s return on pharmaceutical innovation research, is a key part of this challenge which could be addressed through transforming the way clinical trials are conducted.

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Mobile-Health - transforming and enabling care

First we had the internet, connecting people to information through emails and websites; then the development of social media and networks, connecting people to each other and encouraging us to reveal more about ourselves than we might previously have considered advisable.

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