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How is the semiconductor shortage affecting medtech?

By Stephen Bradley, Specialist Leader, and Bill Murray, Specialist Executive, Deloitte Consulting LLP


Most patient interactions with the healthcare system involve contact with medical devices such as syringes, diagnostic test kits, blood pressure and glucose monitors, pacemakers, surgical instruments, artificial joints and MRI and CT scanners. Semiconductor chips are critical to the function of many of these devices, and demand for chips is expected to double between 2021 and 2028 as healthcare systems tackle patient backlogs.1 Currently, a severe global shortage of chips threatens to disrupt the manufacturing of life-saving medical devices and systems. This week’s blog appeared first as a US Center for Health Solutions, Health Forward Blog and reflects on two surveys of medical device manufacturers conducted by our US colleagues in 2021 and 2022. It highlights the significant impact that the global semiconductor chip shortage is having on the medtech industry and explores the strategies that companies are adopting to navigate these challenges.2

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How digital technology is changing healthcare: A physiotherapists perspective

By Dylan Powell, Research Analyst, Deloitte

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Since its inception in 1948, the National Health Service (NHS) has transformed and evolved to be one of the biggest employers globally (1.5 million employees).1 However, despite this, over the past 22 months of the pandemic has had a significant impact on many aspects of healthcare delivery and exposed the limitations and fragility of the current volume-based healthcare system. It is a system that is struggling to meet the increasing demand and expectations of society, government, staff and most importantly patients. One of the most visible outcomes of this struggle is the increase in waiting times for both emergency treatment and elective surgery. Today, an estimated 5.6 million people are waiting for routine elective procedures, a number that is expected to grow to some 13 million people in a few years unless new ways of working are adopted.2 This week’s blog, by our new analyst Dylan Powell, considers how the use of digital technology and a more preventative self-management model is changing physiotherapy and could help to manage healthcare pressures effectively.

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Exploring the future of diagnostics in the UK

By Aiden Hannah, Research Analyst, Deloitte

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In November 2020 our report, ‘The future unmasked: Predicting the future of healthcare and life sciences in 2025’ included a prediction that technological breakthroughs would create new diagnostic pathways, enabling clinicians to deliver hyper-personalised evidence-based prevention and treatment interventions.1 Over the past year the pandemic has continued to have a significant impact upon the healthcare industry, in particular the diagnostics industry. This week’s blog, by our new analyst Aiden Hannah, considers the lasting impact of some of these changes and what the diagnostics landscape may look like in the future.

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COP26 – Our hopes for a healthier, collaborative, interconnected future

By Giles Dean, Sustainability Manager, and James Gregson, Partner, UK Life Sciences and Healthcare leader


The research evidence is unequivocal, public, planetary and economic health are inextricably linked and no continent, country or community is immune from the impacts of climate change. The race to net zero is also a race to a healthier, cleaner and more resilient future. We hope that the undeniable link between improving the health outcomes of society and a successful net-zero transition will be central to COP26. This blog outlines a discussion between Giles Dean, Sustainability Manager at Deloitte UK,  and James Gregson, Partner and UK Life Sciences and Healthcare leader, on their hopes for COP26 and the implications for healthcare and, specifically the pharmaceutical (pharma) industry, across not just environmental, but also social and governance (ESG) indicators.1

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Value-based contracting is gaining traction… is medtech ready?

By Adam Lowry, Advisory Senior Manager, Deloitte and Touche LLP


In the sixth prediction of our report The Future Unmasked, we predict that long-term value-based care (VBC) arrangements for medtech companies will differentiate products that offer protection from price erosion, create long-lasting relationships with customers, and increase market share and revenue by being a preferred product in 2025.1 A major aspect in achieving this future is to promote new payment models that use innovative contracting and value-based arrangements. This week’s blog, by Adam Lowry, an advisory senior manager specialising in value based care and population health strategy for providers and health plans, appeared first as a US Center for Health Solutions, Health Forward Blog and explores how value-based contracting could benefit stakeholders across the medtech ecosystem.

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How should Medtech companies respond to an increasingly consumer-centric world?

By Glenn Snyder, principal, Benjamin Ninio, managing director, and Erik Kiær, managing director, Deloitte Consulting LLP


MedTech companies have a considerable role in driving the future of health, using transformative technology to enhance products and services and enabling predictive, preventative, personalised and participatory (4P) medicine, as we highlighted in the sixth prediction of our report, ‘The future unmasked, predicting the future of healthcare and life sciences in 2025’. A major aspect of achieving this future is the move to value-based models of care and funding. This week’s blog, by Glenn Snyder, our MedTech Practice leader in Deloitte Consulting, Benjamin Ninio, managing director in Monitor Deloitte, and Erik Kiær cofounder of Deloitte Launch, appeared first as a US Center for Health Solutions, Health Forward Blog and explores how medtech companies could transform to respond to this changing health ecosystem.

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What is the outlook for the global life sciences industry in 2021?

By Dr Maria João Cruz, PhD, Assistant Manager, and Emily May, Research Analyst, Centre for Health Solutions


Each year, Deloitte produces a report exploring the outlook for the life sciences sector. This year’s report, 2021 global life sciences outlook: Possibility is now reality, sustaining forward momentum, explores the many ways COVID-19 has accelerated change for the life sciences and MedTech sectors and what can be reimagined and made better. As a result of the pandemic, novel technologies that were expected to advance over a decade were adopted in a few months, weeks, and sometimes, even days and many organisations embraced this unprecedented pace of change. This week’s blog covers highlights from the report, with a specific focus on how sustaining and institutionalising new ways of working, collaborating and operating digitally, can help companies succeed and contribute towards a more compassionate and equitable world.

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Devices that can remotely monitor/manage conditions could drive medtech growth, but business-model changes may be needed

By Glenn Snyder, principal, Medtech Practice leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP


Our report, The future unmasked: Predicting the future of healthcare and life sciences in 2025, highlights, among other things, healthcare’s move from episodic care to improving and maintaining the health and well- being of our population and supporting health ageing; an expectation that care will be designed around people not place; and the crucial role of MedTech and the Internet of Medical Things in driving value based care and influencing how the future will play out. This week’s blog, by Glen Snyder, our MedTech Practice leader in Deloitte consulting, appeared first as a US Center Health Forward Blog on 27 May and takes a closer look at an issue that links the aforementioned predictions, namely the role of medical devices in remotely monitoring and manging healthcare and how and why MedTech’s business models may need to change to stay ahead of consumer-focused, tech savvy companies that are entering the market.

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How MedTech companies will drive the future of health

By Karen Taylor, Director, Centre for Health Solutions and Michel De Ridder, Partner, Deloitte Belgium, Regulatory compliance

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Last week my colleague Michel De Ridder and I participated in the annual MedTech Europe Forum 2021, where we delivered a presentation on our Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions research report 'Predicting the future of healthcare and life sciences in 2025: The future unmasked'. Our focus was on our sixth prediction 'MedTech and the IOMT are crucial drivers of value-based care'. However, we also discussed the implications of findings in our November 2020 research paper, ‘Winning in the future of MedTech’, underpinned by our global campaign on the Future of Health.i Following our presentation, we ran an ‘Ask the expert session’ to discuss emerging issues in relation to IP management. This week’s blog highlights the main themes that we discussed and explores the implications for MedTech companies’ role in the future of health. 

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Start-up nation: The Future of Medtech is underway in Israel

By Glenn Snyder, principal, MedTech Practice leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and Arod Balissa, manager, Deloitte Catalyst | Tel Aviv


As we highlight in the six prediction of our report ‘The future unmasked, predicting the future of healthcare and life sciences in 2025’, MedTech companies have a critical role in driving the future of health, using transformative technology to enhance products and services, enabling 4P medicine and driving value-based care. Companies are also beginning to develop sophisticated data analytics capabilities and work more closely with end users to leverage AI and robotic technologies to improve patient outcomes. This week, we are sharing a blog by Glenn Snyder, Deloitte’s US MedTech Practice leader and Arod Balissa a manager at the Tel Aviv Deloitte Catalyst, in which they explore how MedTech is transforming health and care in Israel.

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