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Governing patient data is much more than data protection – it’s about trust

By Jon Shingleton, Senior Manager and Claire McInnes, Manager, Health and Care Information Governance Specialists, Deloitte


Being able to share patient data is fundamental to delivering patient care, enabling medical innovation, and improving population health outcomes. This is particularly acute within the new NHS Integrated Care Systems (ICS), whose success pivots on the effective and prompt sharing of patient data between their component organisations. Information Governance (IG) is all too often blamed for preventing patient data sharing, especially for purposes beyond providing direct care. It’s true that health and care IG is complicated – it’s a latticework of laws, frameworks and expectations spanning data protection, confidentiality, records management and information security. However, deployed effectively and robustly, IG frameworks can be an enabler, quickly demonstrating that data sharing is lawful, ethical and secure, and unlocking access to groundbreaking data insight. To be effective, IG frameworks need to be founded on one simple principle – trust.

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Shaping pharma in 2024: Innovation, cell and gene therapies, and women’s health

By Namrita Negi, head, Life Sciences Knowledge Center Deloitte Consulting LLP, and Alex Blair, senior manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP


Our blog this week appeared first as a US Health Forward blog, and explores three trends that are shaping pharma companies halfway through 2024.

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Creating a global climate-resilient health workforce

By Dr Elizabeth Baca, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP


In 2023, our report ‘Time to change: Sustaining the UK’s clinical workforce’ we highlighted that building and maintaining a productive and resilient clinical workforce is complex and requires long-term planning, political commitment, and adequate investment in recruitment, retention and training. However, we found that a decade of unrelenting increases in demand, exacerbated by three years of being at the heart of the COVID-19 response, had taken a serious toll on the physical and mental health of the workforce, with rising levels of staff burnout, growing levels of attrition and deterioration in goodwill. We also acknowledged that achieving a resilient, sustainable and affordable workforce is an enormous challenge. Today, another serious issue, namely climate change, is rising up the list of healthcare concerns, placing even more pressures on planning for the workforce of the future. This week we are repurposing a blog from our US Center for Health Solution’s Dr Elizabeth Baca, Managing Director in our US Deloitte Consulting team, who discusses some of the challenges in and solutions to ‘Creating a global climate-resilient health workforce’.

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Global Life sciences outlook 2024: Driving resilience (Part 2)

By Karen Taylor, Director Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions


Our blog last week explored Deloitte’s 2024 Global Life Sciences Sector Outlook report, with a focus on three of the six disruptive trends that we consider life sciences enterprises should consider paying particular attention too. This week’s blog explores the other three trends. Both blogs highlight that with geopolitical, economic, and regulatory landscapes still proving uncertain, life sciences will need to continue relying on innovation, agility, and collaboration as they build on their strong commitment to improving people’s lives.

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2024 Global Life Sciences Sector Outlook: Driving resiliency

By Karen Taylor, Director of the UK Centre for Health Solutions


With ‘the global pandemic firmly in the rearview mirror’, Deloitte’s 2024 Global Life Sciences Sector Outlook report, published on 31 May 2024, identifies a broad number of trends with wide ranging global impact that are likely to influence the future growth of life sciences companies. This week’s blog provides a summary of three of the six most disruptive trends that life sciences enterprises should consider paying particular attention to and next week we will cover the remaining three disruptive trends.

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The value of efficient data management in digital drug development era

By Naveed Panjwani, Clinical R&D Consulting Lead (Europe) and Elliot Stamp, Clinical R&D AI & Data Lead (Europe)


In the ever-evolving landscape of pharmaceutical (pharma) R&D, the pivotal role of data management is becoming increasingly important. As the industry grapples with soaring complexities and escalating costs associated with bringing new drugs to market, harnessing and analysing data has emerged as a crucial catalyst for progress. In this landscape, where precision and efficiency are paramount, data stands as the linchpin that distinguishes visionary pharma companies from their peers. In this blog, we explore the business value of harnessing data to enhance digitalisation of R&D activities, the challenges associated, and the transformation required to increase productivity and achieve cost-efficient cycle times in pharma R&D.

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Mental health awareness month


In the UK, from May 13-19, 2024, we celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week, an annual event led by the Mental Health Foundation, to raise awareness, reduce stigma and promote good mental health for all. In the US, the whole of May is Mental Health Awareness month. Importantly, as is becoming increasingly clear, awareness of and an understanding of mental health issues is something that should be front of mind of all year round. For that reason, our blog this week repurposes a blog that appeared first as a US Center for Health Solutions Health Forward blog authored by the Chair of Deloitte US, whose message on the importance of prioritising psychological health in the workplace resonated strongly with my team and I here in the UK Centre.

May is mental health awareness month: Authentic leadership, a sense of purpose, can help employees thrive

By Lara Abrash, Chair, Deloitte US

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Standardization, more capacity may be needed as CGTs grow

By Jennifer Rabin, Specialist Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP


Cell and gene therapies (CGT) hold the promise of personalised medicine and involve the use of living cells or genetic material to treat or cure some cancers, genetic disorders, and autoimmune diseases. With a wave of new gene therapies on the horizon, the CGT market is expected to nearly quadruple over the next five years (from $5.3 billion in 2022 to $19.9 billion by 2027).1 However, the development and the use of CGT also come with significant challenges, including manufacturing, regulation and reimbursement. Indeed, CGTs are complex, expensive, and require specialised manufacturing processes, equipment and expertise, which limit their availability and scale-up. Delivery is particularly challenging, requiring approved centres and specialist expertise, limiting the number of patients that can be treated. Moreover, their high costs can strain healthcare budgets and limit patient access. In this blog, I delve into the insights of the Deloitte NextGen Therapies Industry Working Group (IWG) on overcoming these challenges.

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Executing divestments successfully in biopharma: the dos and don’ts

By Rishi Unnikrishnan, Senior Manager, and Vanessa Parra Ferreira, Senior Manager, Deloitte


As companies evolve and review their portfolios, boards have long used divestitures as a strategic tool to sell brands or business units that they no longer consider as part of their core business. The cash proceedings are then invested in assets and services that are more closely aligned with their business growth strategy. In the biopharma industry, the number of divestments has increased dramatically over the past two years. In this blog we explore the common rationale behind biopharma divestiture transactions and how a five-step approach can help ensure the divestiture transaction realises optimal value.

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Mental health and employers: The business case to support employees and, in particular, working parents

By Elizabeth Hampson, Partner and lead for Deloitte’s Health Equity Institute Europe, and Maria João Cruz, Manager, Deloitte


This week, 13th to 19th May 2024, is Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW), an annual event  led by the Mental Health Foundation, to raise awareness, reduce stigma and promote good mental health for all.1 This year MHAW coincides with the launch of the fourth edition of our report series - ‘Mental health and employers: the case for investment’. Our 2024 report refreshes our findings on: the costs for employers of poor mental health in the workplace; the business case for investing in a mentally healthy workplace; and recommended actions for employers. Furthermore, given that children and young people’s mental health is an important focus for Deloitte’s Health Equity Institute, with one in five children and young people having a probable mental health disorder, we have also examined how concerns over children and young people’s mental health impacts working parents and what this means for employers.2 Our blog this week shares the key findings from our report.

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Choosing planet over plastic is choosing health

By Márcia Costa, Manager, and Shreya Nagpal, Research Analyst, Centre for Health Solutions


Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 to remind us to protect our environment and build a sustainable future for all. This year, the theme ‘Planet vs. Plastics’ was aimed at raising awareness of plastic pollution to safeguard human and planetary health. While there is increasing acknowledgement of the impact of plastics on our physical environment, due to the growing mountains of non-biodegradable waste, increase in greenhouse gas emissions and worsening climate change; there is also increasing evidence of its impact on the sustainability of marine and other wildlife and how plastic waste is damaging soil and poisoning groundwater. Which, in turn, has a direct effect on human health, causing respiratory, hormonal and infectious diseases, also cancers and reproductive issues.1 This blog explores the deleterious impact of plastic on human health and discusses some of the critical solutions to reduce plastic use and pollution.

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