Enabling Integrated Care Systems to improve health outcomes through robust population health analytics

By Jon White, Director, Public sector health analytics team


This blog is the third in our series of articles examining the challenges in establishing Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) and explores the critical role of population health analytics. Indeed, there is a growing realisation across the healthcare sector about the potential for data analytics to transform everything from strategic planning to clinical decision making. Today, data technology has already transformed many aspects of our lives with unprecedented access to information, connecting people and ideas in ways no-one would have predicted twenty years ago. We have all seen first hand how analytics has impacted other sectors such as retail and marketing and we are now entering a period of rapid innovation in the healthcare sector, with numerous opportunities to utilise data effectively. In this blog we are taking a pragmatic view of some of the things ICSs can do to work collaboratively and focus on improving population health outcomes.

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Safety first: Technology and analytics could help transform pharmacovigilance

By Kelly Traverso, Life Sciences R&D, Deloitte Consulting LLP


This week's blog, by Kelly Traverso from the US firm, first appeared on the US Center for Health Solutions blog site. The blog looks at how utilising automation can help transform pharmacovigilance.

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Kick starting your Population Health Management strategy

By Cosima Pettinicchio, and Dr Eva de Brett, Deloitte MCS


Last month’s blog from our Deloitte healthcare practice provided an overview of the key challenges facing NHS and Local Authority organisations as they transition from Sustainability and Transformation Programmes (STPs) to Integrated Care Systems (ICSs); and gave a commitment to explore each of these challenges in more depth in a series of articles over the summer.1 This week’s blog explores the key building blocks of a comprehensive, target-oriented, Population Health Management (PHM) approach and outlines the ‘no-regrets’ decisions that system leaders need to consider when embarking on their transition to an ICS.

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2019 Human Capital Trends: Reinvent with a human focus – the implications for the Life Sciences industry

By Shivani Maitra, Partner, Consulting


This time of year is always a highlight for me as it sees the publication of our annual Global Human Capital Trends report, based on the views of 10,000 survey respondents across 119 countries. This year’s findings reinforce the views of colleagues in the Life Sciences (LS) team, specifically that LS organisations need to rethink the workforce experience, adapt to a more diverse workforce and transform their approach to leadership development.

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How biopharma R&D can thrive in the UK: Insights from an expert panel discussion

By Matthew Thaxter, Analyst, Centre for Health Solutions


Following the launch of our ninth annual report ‘Unlocking R&D productivity: Measuring the return from pharmaceutical innovation 2018’, we hosted a panel discussion in London to explore how innovation in the wider R&D ecosystem can unlock R&D productivity. Our panel of experts comprising representatives from big pharma, a small innovative biotech company, the ABPI and the Medicines Discovery Catapult discussed a wide range of topics including: the UK healthcare ecosystem, government policies in the UK aimed at supporting the life sciences industry, the evolving skills and talent agenda and the role of regulators in encouraging innovation. Below are some of the key highlights from the discussion.

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Closing the digital gap: Shaping the future of UK healthcare

By Dr Francesca Properzi, PhD. Research Manager, Centre for Health Solutions


Innovation and new technologies are acknowledged as key enablers of the digital transformation of the NHS, however, today, healthcare lags behind most other service industries in the adoption of technologies to improve performance and the service user experience. This week we launched our latest report, ‘Closing the digital gap: Shaping the future of UK healthcare’ which highlights the opportunities and future potential of digital technologies to tackle some of healthcare’s most intractable challenges.1 We acknowledge the numerous policy initiatives aimed at establishing ‘a digital NHS’, however, we also highlight a growing divide between policy ambition and the reality of the experience on the front-line.

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Insights that can help NHS organisations come together as Integrated Care Systems

By Catherine Skilton, Partner Deloitte’s Public Sector Healthcare team


As the first half of the year draws to a close, we in the Deloitte healthcare practice have decided to take stock and reflect on some of the key challenges facing NHS organisations as they come together to form Integrated Care Systems (ICSs). We have asked senior colleagues from across the firm to highlight the burning questions they are being asked about most frequently – and more importantly, what advice they provide.

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Smoking prevalence in the UK: Moving in the right direction, but more work lies ahead

By Matthew Thaxter, Analyst, Centre for Health Solutions


Each year, the World Health Organization (WHO) holds its ‘World No Tobacco Day’ on May 31. Its goal is to raise awareness on the harmful and deadly effects of tobacco use and second hand smoke exposure, and to discourage the use of tobacco in any form.1 This blog explores some of the latest data on smoking prevalence in the UK, the achievements in reducing the prevalence of smoking and impact that smoking is having on the health of the UK population, the NHS and the wider economy.

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Raising awareness of mental health issues

By Elizabeth Hampson, Director, Monitor Deloitte


Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW), organised by the Mental Health Foundation which, since 2000, has organised its annual campaign around a specific topic. These campaigns have helped raise public awareness of issues such as loneliness, anger, fear and friendship. I have been a passionate advocate for raising awareness of mental health and wellbeing issues for a number of years and wanted to use this opportunity to highlight some of the key initiatives from last week and also explain a little about what Deloitte is doing.

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The global future of health: Are the challenges facing countries as unique as quokkas?

By David Betts, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP


This week's blog, by David Betts from the US firm, first appeared on the US Center for Health Solutions blog site. The blog, while mainly aimed at a US audience, looks at how several countries are utilising digital technologies, moving from volume to value and examines what roles governments are playing in healthcare.

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Reflecting on World Asthma Day

By Mark Steedman, PhD, Manager, Centre for Health Solutions


I woke up in late March with a severe cough and could hear myself wheezing with each breath. It was worrying. The London Marathon was just over a month away, and I had spent the previous two months training for it; the next month was going to be critical. I needed to recover quickly to get back to training if I wanted to participate in the race. Similar asthma-like symptoms had been brought on by a cold a few years before, and although I know that I don’t suffer from asthma, I knew from experience it would be an uphill battle to get back to full strength. It also made me more sensitive to those people I know who do have asthma. For the next two weeks I struggled with intermittent coughing, sleepless nights and a general feeling of dread that I wouldn’t recover in time. However, as you learned from last week’s blog, I finished the marathon, but I also learned a lot about asthma and other respiratory diseases along the way. Earlier this week was World Asthma Day, so this week’s blog looks at the impact asthma has on people around the world.

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