Why ESG must include health equity

By Punit Renjen, global chief executive officer, Deloitte, in partnership with the World Economic Forum


Global health inequity is widening, with the combined impact of the pandemic, migration and climate change further increasing disparities in health outcomes. This week’s blog, first published by the World Economic Forum, highlights the responsibility of business leaders to promote health equity, and the need for a shared language to measure and activate health equity in an ESG framework.

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Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 – Can technology reduce Loneliness?

By Aiden Hannah, Research Analyst, Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions


The theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness week, taking place between 9-15 May, is loneliness. A frequently cited statistic illustrates its stark impact on health, namely that loneliness can be as harmful as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.1 Chronic loneliness affected approximately six per cent of the population in 2020-21, with increasing evidence of a detrimental effect upon mental health.2 There is also a growing body of research that shows individuals can benefit from using digital approaches through establishing social connection in innovative ways. However, there is also evidence that suggests that aspects of some technologies, such as social media platforms, can exacerbate feelings of being alone, particularly for younger age groups. This week’s blog explores both the positive and negative impacts that technology can have on tackling this growing public health concern.3

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Dying Matters Awareness Week: why you should talk about death, dying and grief

By Karen Taylor, Director, Centre for Health Solutions


Every year, Dying Matters Awareness Week is used to encourage people to talk, in whatever way, shape or form works for them. This year, the week is being observed from 2 - 6 May, and the theme is being ‘#InAGoodPlace’ to talk about death, dying and grief.1 Over the past ten years I have written several blogs in support of Dying Matters week highlighting the importance of talking with your loved ones about death and dying and, stressing that ‘being in a good place’ covers physical, emotional, financial and spiritual considerations, as well as being able to access the right care and support. Last year, however, I suffered the sudden and unexpected loss of my husband and while no amount of talking beforehand would have helped ease the shock and grief, if we’d had some discussions about wishes and wants it might have eased some of the difficulties encountered. More importantly, being able to talk about ‘dying’ and ‘loss’ in the days and months afterwards has proved invaluable. This week’s blog is my testament to ‘Dying Matters’ week and why it’s important to talk.

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Improving awareness and understanding of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

By Aiden Hannah, Research Analyst, Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions


Despite being a common condition affecting approximately 10 to 20 per cent of UK adults, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is poorly understood.1 No direct tests for IBS exist and the exact underlying causes of the chronic condition are still unknown. Receiving a diagnosis can be difficult and many individuals do not receive appropriate support to help manage their condition. As April is IBS Awareness Month, this week’s blog highlights the realities of the condition through my own lived experience and summarises management strategies that may help individuals optimise their quality of life.

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World Earth Day 2022: Investing in our planet through affirmative action, innovation and collaboration

By Dylan Powell, Research Analyst, Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions, Deloitte

BannerFriday the 22nd of April marks World Earth Day and this year’s theme is ‘investing in our planet’. With so much focus on the problems and challenges facing the planet, it can be easy to forget about the solutions and mechanisms of change to improve outcomes. Significant progress has already been made in advocating and raising awareness of climate positive actions since the first World Earth Day in 1970. This week’s blog recognises World Earth Day as an opportunity to showcase progress but also to act as a catalyst and inspiration for change. This week’s blog provides examples of affirmative action from healthcare and life sciences acting boldly, innovating broadly and harnessing partnerships to implement equitably.

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The Future of Public Health: Evaluating the role of employers in reducing the public health gap

By Karen Taylor, Director and Samrina Bhatti, Manager, Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions

LHSC Cover

This week, we launched the latest report in our future of public health series, Evaluating the role of employers in reducing the public health gap: Improving the health and productivity of employees. Although slightly tangential to the other reports in the series, this report focuses more on the role of employers in improving the health and wellbeing of their employees. The report evaluates the implications of good health and wellbeing on workforce productivity and highlights the growing body of evidence that shows how employer initiatives to support the wellbeing of their employees can improve the health of local communities; staff recruitment and retention and, ultimately, business growth. This week’s blog summarises the findings in our report and the case for employers to invest in employee health.

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World Health Day 2022: Our Planet, Our Health

By Emily May, Assistant Manager, Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions and Dylan Powell, Research Analyst, Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions


Thursday 7th of April is World Health Day which aims to raise the profile of key issues impacting healthcare globally. This year’s World Health Day is aimed at tackling a global issue that has risen up the priority list of challenges, namely ‘Our Planet, Our Health’ and focuses on the need for urgent actions to keep humans and the planet healthy by fostering a global movement to create societies focused on well-being.1 The World Health Organisations (WHO) has described climate change as the 21st century’s greatest threat to global health and tackling it the greatest opportunity. At the same time the COVID-19 pandemic has provided an inescapable reminder of the interrelationships between climate change, health and wellbeing and the economic prosperity of our societies. This week’s blog in honour of World Health Day, explores these interrelationships in more detail and considers what actions might help improve the health and wellbeing of our societies.

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The role of rapid diagnostics in tackling antimicrobial resistance

By Aiden Hannah, Research Analyst, and Samrina Bhatti, Manager, Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions


Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) threatens the effective prevention of an ever-increasing range of infections caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared AMR as one of the top 10 global public health threats facing humanity. While this threat has been widely acknowledged globally, the response to date has been episodic and uneven, resulting in global inequities in AMR. Moreover, the cost to the economy is significant, as in addition to death and disability, AMR leads to prolonged illness, longer hospital stays, the need for more expensive medicines and financial challenges for those affected.1 Unless concerted action is taken, AMR is predicted to cause 10 million deaths annually by 2050, at an estimated economic cost of $100 trillion.In this week’s blog we explore the vital role that rapid diagnostic devices can play in tackling AMR, through early detection of infection and identification of effective therapeutic management.

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World Tuberculosis Day 2022: Invest to end TB

By Dylan Powell, Research Analyst, Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions


Thursday the 24th of March is World Tuberculosis (TB) Day, an important day in the World Health Organisation (WHO) calendar as it provides an opportunity to raise public awareness about the devastating health, social and economic consequences of the world’s oldest and most deadly infectious disease, after COVID-19.  The main preventative treatment, the TB vaccine Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG), has been used all over the world for over 100 years.1 Nevertheless, TB still claimed the lives of 1.5 million people in 2020 predominantly in low-and middle-income countries. While access to the vaccine remains very uneven, simply improving access won’t be enough to eradicate TB. Increased global awareness and investment, and a shared purpose is also needed.2 This week’s blog is our testament to World TB Day and explores achievements to date and what more can and should be done to end the global TB epidemic.

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Who is responsible for implementing effective ESG initiatives across the life sciences industry?

By Hanno Ronte, Partner, Monitor Deloitte and Karen Taylor, Director, Centre for Health Solutions


The term, Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG), first coined in 2005, is used to describe a company’s consciousness for its social and environmental impact. Since then, ESG has become a key strategic differentiator for businesses and an increasingly important priority for investors and consumers. Some industries have been quicker than others to implement sustainable policies, but the pharmaceutical (pharma) sector, has historically lagged. However, pharma’s role in the fight against COVID-19 has helped boost its public image and created a momentum for it to develop a more proactive approach to identifying and delivering ambitious ESG targets. But what exactly is ESG and who is responsible for delivering pharma’s ESG agenda? This week’s blog is a discussion between Karen Taylor, the Director of the Centre for Health Solutions, and Hanno Ronte, a Partner in Monitor Deloitte, exploring these questions and identifying the steps that pharma needs to take to implement the ESG frameworks and principles more effectively.

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Meet Dr Jay Bhatt, the new leader of Deloitte’s US Center for Health Solutions and the recently established Deloitte Health Equity Institute

By Asif Dhar M.D., US Life Sciences & Health Care leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP


This week’s blog appeared first as a US Centre for Health Solutions Health Forward Blog The blog  introduces Dr Jay Bhatt who has joined Deloitte as the executive director of both the US Center for Health Solutions and the Deloitte Health Equity Institute. Dr Bhatt is a physician executive, public health leader, internist, geriatrician, and innovator. He also continues to provide primary care to underserved communities in Chicago and surrounding areas. The blog is based on a conversation between Dr Asif Dhar, a Vice Chair and US Life Sciences and Healthcare leader for Deloitte and Dr Bhatt to garner Jay’s views on a broad range of topics. Given the relevance of the insights to our own Future of Public Health research series, we are using this week’s blog to introduce Dr Bhatt to our network and look forward to sharing future insights and content from the US Center.

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