The global future of health: Are the challenges facing countries as unique as quokkas?

By David Betts, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP


This week's blog, by David Betts from the US firm, first appeared on the US Center for Health Solutions blog site. The blog, while mainly aimed at a US audience, looks at how several countries are utilising digital technologies, moving from volume to value and examines what roles governments are playing in healthcare.

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Reflecting on World Asthma Day

By Mark Steedman, PhD, Manager, Centre for Health Solutions


I woke up in late March with a severe cough and could hear myself wheezing with each breath. It was worrying. The London Marathon was just over a month away, and I had spent the previous two months training for it; the next month was going to be critical. I needed to recover quickly to get back to training if I wanted to participate in the race. Similar asthma-like symptoms had been brought on by a cold a few years before, and although I know that I don’t suffer from asthma, I knew from experience it would be an uphill battle to get back to full strength. It also made me more sensitive to those people I know who do have asthma. For the next two weeks I struggled with intermittent coughing, sleepless nights and a general feeling of dread that I wouldn’t recover in time. However, as you learned from last week’s blog, I finished the marathon, but I also learned a lot about asthma and other respiratory diseases along the way. Earlier this week was World Asthma Day, so this week’s blog looks at the impact asthma has on people around the world.

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Marathon running for a cause

By Mark Steedman, PhD, Manager, Centre for Health Solutions


Last Sunday, my colleague Matt Thaxter and I took part in the 39th London Marathon. After months of training and fundraising, we both crossed the finish line on The Mall, full of pride – and completely exhausted. With a record number of 42,549 runners crossing the line and over £1 billion raised for charity, I thought this week’s blog would be a good opportunity to reflect on the experience and discuss what drives so many people to push their bodies to the limit for 26.2 miles (42.2 km). Also, since next week is Mental Health Awareness Week, I’m also going to discuss some of the mental health aspects of running a marathon.

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FDA workshop on achieving medical device safety and cybersecurity: Why trustworthiness, transparency, and resilience are critical

By Steven Darroch, Senior Manager, and Nick Sikorski, Manager, Deloitte & Touche LLP


This week's blog, by Steven Darroch and Nick Sikorski from the US firm, first appeared on the US Center for Health Solutions blog site. The blog follows on from our report Medtech and the Internet of Medical Things: How connected medical devices are transforming health care and a public workshop held by the FDA, and explores the importance of medical device safety and how to mitigate operational, commercial and regulatory risks.

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Launching innovative biopharma in China: Market access, reimbursement and digital health care

By Mark Steedman, PhD, Manager, Centre for Health Solutions


In March, Deloitte colleagues David Xie and Xiaofeng Li published the article Gain the edge in a fast moving market, introducing a series of articles on ‘Launching innovative biopharma in China’. This introductory article was the subject of a previous blog that we published in February.1 This week’s blog explores the findings in the next two articles in the series: A new view on market access and reimbursement, examining innovative alternative reimbursement opportunities in the public and self-pay markets; and A new view on China’s digital health care, evaluating how product launches can target digitally savvy consumers.

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Our parents might be ready for virtual visits, but some hospitals aren’t quite there

by Urvi Shah, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP


This week’s blog, by Urvi Shah a Senior Manager within the Deloitte US firm, first appeared on the US Center for Health Solutions blog site.1 The blog looks at how health care stakeholders patients, particularly older people are ready for the changes that technology can bring to the way they interact with the health care system, but the system itself may not yet be quite ready for this change.

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Future of life sciences regulation webcast: key takeaways

By Karen Taylor, Director, Centre for Health Solutions


Our November 2018 report - A bold future for life sciences regulation: Predictions 2025 - highlighted some of the challenges presented by today’s complex and fragmented life sciences regulatory landscape and the difficulties facing regulators and industry in ensuring efficacy and patient safety while keeping pace with changes in medicine, science and technology.1 Since publication, we have had insightful discussions with clients around our predictions and last week held an interactive webinar, where we explored how industry, regulators and patients can succeed together. The webinar included three guest speakers, representing each of these perspectives, and the discussion comprised an overview of the prediction followed by a polling question and the discussion among the panellists. This week’s blog shares the highlights of the webinar.2

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The transition to integrated care: why population health management is critical to the future sustainability of health and social care

By Karen Taylor, Director, Centre for Health Solutions


The growing demand for health and care, rising patient expectations and increasing costs in the face of substantial budget constraints call for innovative solutions. In the UK, there is a growing consensus that if healthcare is to be sustainable, there is a need for a fundamental shift from treatment of ill health, when it occurs, to prevention. This week we launched our report The transition to integrated care: population health management in England, with findings derived from extensive literature reviews and our experience working with health economies both in the UK and internationally. It highlights key challenges and potential solutions that, if adopted at scale, could deliver a more cost-effective approach to improving the health and wellbeing of a population.

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What has been happening to NHS dentistry since the introduction of a new contract in 2006?

By Karen Taylor, Director, Centre for Health Solutions


Last week I presented my views on developments in the UK dental market to an informal gathering of dentists and investors. While I should probably have declined, having not done any primary research on this subject since I led the National Audit Office (NAO) report on Reforming NHS Dentistry in 2004,1 I was intrigued to find out what has been happening in the intervening years. Indeed, my original research and the resulting report from the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in April 20052 had a big impact on my own views on maintaining good oral health and the role of dentistry in prevention. The recent NHS Long Term Plan (LTP), which rightly emphasises the importance of prevention, is mostly silent on dentistry.

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Addressing the gender imbalance in life sciences today to secure a better tomorrow

By Debi Rhodes, COO & Clients & Industries Lead, Life Sciences & Healthcare


Today, Friday 8th March marks the annual celebration of International Women’s Day with the theme, Balance for Better. I couldn’t help but question what this day really means to me? How is it important to my future, that of my children, to business and society as a whole, particularly when we consider the Future of Work and the impact of AI and new technologies on the skills and talent that will be needed in tomorrow’s world? Given my tendency for cynicism, I also questioned how the future might impact the issue of gender equality?

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Preparing the healthcare workforce to deliver the digital future: a conundrum that needs to be resolved

By Karen Taylor, Director, Centre for Health Solutions


Last month saw the publication of the independent report on The Topol review: Preparing the healthcare workforce to deliver the digital future.1 This review complements a number of initiatives aimed at informing the Department of Health and Social Care (the Department) on the workforce strategy required to deliver the NHS Long-Term Plan.2 The Topol review recognises that the NHS is at a tipping point with regard to the adoption of digital technologies and presents a compelling vision of the potential for technology to transform healthcare and the need to equip the workforce to adopt technologies in the most efficient and effective way. This week’s blog provides an overview of the Topol review and the challenges that will need to be overcome if its ambitions are to be realised.

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