By Harriet Speller, Consultant, Deloitte

I’m always sceptical of New Years’ Eve. A night out is usually overpriced, generally overpopulated and of course there are a lot of inflated promises of big changes being made (#NewYearNewMe) which we know will be out the window come February!

A giant overhaul with big audacious goals is so tempting, like dramatically binning a whole report just because of a few mistakes, but in practice it’s so much harder to start again from scratch, especially when the original, although flawed, was completely functional. Sometimes it’s better to focus on the journey; where you want to get to, and giving yourself time and space to take the fundamental steps to get there.

Taking small steps, allows you time to review the progress you’ve made, consider your next move, and alter the journey accordingly. If something isn’t going to plan you can change; it’s easier to correct a small step off of the path than a giant leap!

I think in the same way when I talk to clients about re-imagining their mobility programme. Often there’s an assumption that ‘re-imagining’ means a complete programme overhaul - #NewYearNewGlobalMobility – and that the proverbial ‘mobility baby’ should be thrown out with the bathwater.

This isn’t the case at all. Instead, a few small implanted changes can be really impactful and alter your course for the better, for example:

  • Assignee confused with the assignment process?

Share a centrally stored assignment map showing the key touchpoints of the move for the assignee and the business.

  • Are there vital but manual tasks you perform every day which are starting to feel repetitive?

A simple robot can be programmed to perform repetitive actions, saving time from highly-trained mobility professionals.

  • Always being asked the same questions by your assignees?

Consider a simple secure intranet page, detailing policies, processes and some FAQs.

These are just a few simple examples.  There are many other ‘small step’ responses to the numerous questions that forward-thinking mobility leaders ask themselves daily.

This New Year maybe your resolution should be to make small integral changes, and monitor the overall impact rather than trying to ‘boil the ocean’.  Small changes collectively can make a very big impact!

Happy New Year!


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Harriet Speller, Deloitte

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