Creativity: Start at the end and work backwards!


By Danny Taggart, Director, Deloitte

Last year I was given the challenge of designing and delivering our flagship Global Employer Services client conference in the beautiful city of Prague.

A huge personal challenge, but it was amazing to see eight months of preparation, planning and design, working with a fantastic team of people, finally come to fruition.  Moreover, the reaction from our clients to the conference itself was a wonderful affirmation of our approach.

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What’s your New Year Resolution?


By Harriet Speller, Consultant, Deloitte

I’m always sceptical of New Years’ Eve. A night out is usually overpriced, generally overpopulated and of course there are a lot of inflated promises of big changes being made (#NewYearNewMe) which we know will be out the window come February!

A giant overhaul with big audacious goals is so tempting, like dramatically binning a whole report just because of a few mistakes, but in practice it’s so much harder to start again from scratch, especially when the original, although flawed, was completely functional. Sometimes it’s better to focus on the journey; where you want to get to, and giving yourself time and space to take the fundamental steps to get there.

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Meet the challenge!


By Matt Lowcock, Manager, Deloitte

Meet the challenge!

I never thought that joining Deloitte would lead me to the top of a mountain!

Whilst working at Deloitte I have had the opportunity to help solve numerous client problems. And we all enjoy solving problems, right? However, in contrast to the typical challenges we help our clients navigate, my most recent one took the form of a mountain... Stok Kangri. The expedition was part of Deloitte’s One Million Futures volunteering initiative.[1] The challenge: how can I get myself to the top?!

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Business travel: are you experienced?

By Ross Markham, Consultant, Deloitte

At least mum’s impressed…

I recently achieved a significant milestone in the career of a consultant – I am now a fully-fledged Silver member of British Airway’s executive club. Now that I can retire smug with the satisfaction that I can book my seat a little bit earlier than everyone else, it seems a natural time to reflect on what I have become: a business traveller.

While my mother is impressed (“you’re a real jetsetter aren’t you”, I smile wistfully, knowing that purgatory is something like 3 hours in Rotterdam airport), the early novelty of business travel has given way and I now regard travel as a somewhat hum-drum element of my job.

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Managing a Global Workforce; the role of market benchmarking


 By Clare Allen, Consultant, Deloitte

When organisations review their global workforce program, we are often asked questions such as ‘what do others do in our industry?’ ‘What policy benchmarking data do you have?’. But, are these the right questions to ask? Should the onus be placed on following ‘the norm’ when workforce talent and business strategies of organisations can be so varied.

To answer, let’s look at the good, the bad and the downright ugly of market benchmarking...

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"So... what do you do for a living?"


By Beth Warner, Associate Director, Deloitte

If you are like me and have worked in mobility for over 11 years, you will be fairly comfortable with explaining what “mobility” means, especially in the small professional circles that we operate in. Even if a family member or, dare I say, a friend of a friend who has the ultimate dream-job of ice cream tasting, asks “So… what do you do for a living?” I will casually explain that we support organisations with their expat population. Everyone, or at least most, will have heard the term “expat”. And we move the conversation on to their thoughts on the latest Love Island episode, knowing at least they have a small idea of what we spend our working time doing.

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Truly Mobile Talent

By James Hobley, Consultant, Deloitte

With the changing nature of work and the rise of disruptive technologies, it is becoming increasingly clear that organisations need to be smarter about how they use their talent. No longer is it the norm for employees to be doing the same role day-in day-out for the lifetime of their career (25% of current roles are predicted to be replaced by automation in the next 20 years1 and the half-life of any particular skill is between 2.5 and 5 years). Instead, employees are finding that they need to continually reinvent themselves and, with the ease at which they can find new roles, job-hopping is fast becoming the new norm in a quest to find new challenges and develop new skills.

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How my father helps me everyday with global workforce management

Fathers day blog post
By Clare Allen, Consultant, Deloitte

When I was younger I distinctly recall my father giving me two pieces of advice; “if you don’t ask you don’t get” and “never disclose your salary to anyone, especially to work colleagues”.

In my role at Deloitte I often hear from Mobility professionals how assignment allowances are often a negotiation, with assignees asking for more than the policy allows or complaining when they hear a colleague got a better relocation package than them. This led me to think about how, in part, assignees usually follow the first of my father’s advice to the extreme and the latter not at all!

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Global Mobility – How I #PressforProgress

By May Myat Thu, Associate Director, Deloitte

Four months into my second pregnancy, I informed my boss in the Tokyo office of the fact that I would soon need to go on maternity leave. The natural course of conversation continued, with a discussion around the timing of my leave and how and when I would transition my client accounts. The unexpected, and perhaps unconventional part of this meeting was when I requested to go on an international assignment immediately after my maternity leave, and started to brief him on the reasons for the request and why I believed the business should let me go.

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Blockchain 101 – Why is this relevant for Global Mobility?


By Vladimir Trpkovski, Associate Director, Deloitte 

Even though the ‘Blockchain’ concept has been around for a while, it really only made big news fairly recently; entering the mainstream psyche thanks to Bitcoin and its incredible media-frenzied surge over the last 12 months. It is however important to acknowledge that Bitcoin and Blockchain are not the same thing. Blockchain is the technology concept on which a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin is based, or in other words, Bitcoin is just one use case for Blockchain technology.

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Business travel musings – Sweden, Switzerland and steam!


By Danny Taggart, Director, Deloitte

"So, you're off to Switzerland too now then?  Alright for some!  I'm into my second hour of ironing here". So went the late telephone conversation with my wife, as I sat in my hotel room in Stockholm.

On the evening of my first day in Sweden I had received a call from a colleague asking if I could step in at a meeting in Zurich.  It meant re-routing from Sweden to Switzerland the following day and adding a day to my overall trip.  

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