Entering the banking space: Challenges for Fintech


By Vishwas Khanna, Director, Deloitte

‘Disruptive’ is the most suitable label for the latest cohort of Challenger Banks and other Financial Technology firms in the banking sector which have sprung up over the last few years. This sub-sector of Fintech banks is decidedly new, exhibiting agility and placing innovation at the core of their business, but they are entering a space already laden with relatively stringent rules and regulation.

Deloitte Private recently hosted a breakfast seminar for FDs, Heads of Tax, CFOs, and similar from various Fintech firms in the banking sector to discuss some of the challenges they may face as they continue to consolidate and expand.

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Looking ahead to 2025: The CFO’s crystal ball

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By Simon Martin, Director, Deloitte

Forecasting the future is a dangerous game in any sphere of life, but in finance it’s perhaps doubly so. The world is changing so fast and across so many aspects of our work that what would have seemed futuristic just a few years ago is already becoming reality. The tech revolution is here and it’s changing everything. Does that thought excite or unsettle you? For most finance leaders, it’s usually bit of both so take some comfort, you’re not alone.

At the Deloitte Private CFO Conference for Private and PE-backed businesses, we took some time to consider what the future might hold for CFOs and finance leaders.

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Location, location, location: context, context, context

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By Rudolf Janssen, Director, Deloitte Netherlands

The outcome of many a process within Family Enterprise Consulting is a written document, be it an agreement, a pre-nup, a last will, a family charter or constitution. Almost never such a document is a stand-alone item. Almost all family and family enterprise related documentation is not only inter-related but also very influenced by the context at the moment of drafting the wording of it. Just like the value of real estate is often a question of 'location, location, location', the real added value of legal documentation, specifically in the private domain, will be determined by its context and the fact that this context is explicitly incorporated in it. It’s all about the context? Yes it is. Let us share a few examples with you.

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Governance: Family businesses are different

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By Lizzie Hill, Partner, Deloitte

Family businesses are different, and their differences from other forms of enterprise, particularly around the issue of governance, need to be understood and accommodated, especially by chairs. Typically there is a much greater degree of emotion at play in a family enterprise and that emotion is, almost by definition, closer to the surface. While directors of PLCs and private equity houses are often dispassionate, family members feel an attachment to the business that runs deep, and this attachment extends across place, brand, product and purpose.

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Sustainability in a millennial age

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By Claire Evans, Partner, Deloitte

Sustainability is a business theme that, while being universally accepted as a good thing, has come to have a variety of meanings. From sourcing, environmental impact limitation and working towards the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs) to simply ‘continuing to do what you do’, sustainability has become a starting gun and a benchmark for discussions about the future of a business.

But for family businesses, sustainability has an extra level of meaning – and importance. Not only is it about ensuring the business is in a position to continue successfully, it is also about addressing the inevitable pressures and tensions that come with generational change and succession.

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Making transparency work


Whilst the news cycle in the UK might have been periodically dominated by sunshine and sport over the early summer, the complexity of world relations, the economy and the use of personal data have never been far from the headlines. The scale of data and the technology available to interrogate it is driving many new ways of working and that is equally true in the world of taxation.

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Posted on 18/07/2018

Smarter share capital

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Families are usually a complex mix of individuals with different abilities, attitudes, aspirations and financial needs. Each family member is likely to want different things, and in the context of a family owned business, this can produce tension and discord.

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Posted on 27/06/2018

Cousins and beyond: fostering unity as family and business grow

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This week Niall Glynn, a partner with Deloitte in Ireland, considers the challenges of encouraging engagement in multi-generational family businesses as the family expands. 

I was recently at a client meeting where we were discussing the future evolution of Board membership across the second and third generations of a family business. Over the course of the meeting, it became apparent how little the third generation (the future directors) really knew each other, or had much of a connection with the business. The only shared memories they had revolved around distant interactions as children, and more recent ad-hoc interactions at family weddings as adults. 

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Posted on 02/05/2018

Cyber risk – don’t be alarmed, be prepared

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Practical steps now to support a strategic approach

It’s a familiar warning: the exponential growth of digital technologies is exposing us all to more and new kinds of risk and we all need to ensure that we protect our assets and reputation from attack.

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Posted on 04/04/2018

The family holding company

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Many family businesses wrestle with matters of ownership and control – how should the family shareholders control, or influence the running of the business? How do you manage relationships between family members in the context of the business? How can family members ensure appropriate access to information on the business without “interfering” with day to day management?

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Posted on 28/02/2018

Recommended holiday reads (and a TED talk) for enterprising families

Blog 48_Michelle Osry

This week, Michelle Osry, a partner in Deloitte in Canada, suggests two books to add to your holiday reading list, and a TED talk for further inspiration.

What can family enterprises learn from the Dalai Lama? Can conflict be reduced to an equation? How can we find lasting joy in this world?

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Posted on 06/12/2017