As we celebrate International Women’s Day, the Deloitte EMEA Women in Cyber team are proud of the steps we are taking to make gender parity a core part of the cyber security industry agenda. As a team with diverse backgrounds, we are working to engage our colleagues and clients to be part of the journey to gender inclusivity. 

Through our school outreach programme, we are providing first-hand insights into the profession and the opportunities it has to offer, to inspire younger generations to consider cyber security as a topic of study or potential career path. None of this would have been possible without a dedicated and passionate team, and we are delighted to present these perspectives from three colleagues and role models.

Lisa Hamilton & Hannah Parvin - EMEA Co-Leads, Deloitte Women in Cyber Initiative

Patricia Egger

"I’m a mathematician who’s passionate about people. My first exposure to security was in a cryptography course I took in high school. Later, in university, I loved that crypto had its roots in some pretty complex math, but at the same time, was used by everybody, every day. That’s what keeps me going today: the relationship and dependencies between the science of security and people. What some may not realise is that security is as much of a technical and technological topic as it is a human topic; and I think that’s what makes the field so interesting."

Hannah Parvin

"I feel fortunate to have a career in such a dynamic and rapidly-growing industry. My current role didn’t even exist when I was born, and while the percentage of women in cyber security leaves a lot to be desired, to be a women in this field is also exciting. Each time I meet with clients and introduce myself to new people, I have the chance to challenge someone’s perspective on what is perceived to be a male-dominated industry. I feel like I am in a great position to empower more women to join the profession and showcase the benefits of working collaboratively in diverse teams."

Dani Peak

"Being a women in the cyber security field has given me the opportunity to bring different perspectives and approaches to clients. Contrary to the popular belief, cyber security is not all about technical skills, but about engaging with people and gaining their trust: why put an organisation’s cyber program in the hands of someone you don’t trust? I’ve found that I excel at connecting with people, working collaboratively with them to gain consensus on an approach or strategy, and thrive at creating a positive work environment. I’ve been lucky enough to use and grow these skills on every project."



Patricia Egger – Senior Consultant, Deloitte Switzerland – Cyber Risk

Patricia is a Senior Consultant in the Cyber Risk Services practice at Deloitte in Switzerland. Her expertise includes identity and access management and security control frameworks. She is also a member of the Deloitte Blockchain Community where she specialises on the topic of Blockchain security, specifically on the impact the technology can have on current security control frameworks. Prior to joining Deloitte, Patricia focused on applied cryptography while working as a researcher in security and privacy.         

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Hannah Parvin – Senior Consultant, Deloitte UK – Cyber Risk

Hannah is a Senior Consultant in Cyber Risk, where she specialises in data privacy (specifically GDPR certified with CIPP/E) and people risk. She is currently working with a global organisation helping them to achieve privacy compliance across EU and non-EU countries. She joined Deloitte as a Biology graduate from Bristol University, after completing Teach First teaching Science at a secondary school in London for two years.

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Dani Peak – Manager, Deloitte Belgium – Cyber Risk

Dani is a Manager in the Information Protection team focusing on data leakage prevention. She started her Deloitte career in Washington DC before transferring to the Brussels office. When she’s not working she’s either travelling or binge watching a TV series.

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