Risk management in Crisis and Resilience

Resilient by design: building resilience in the UK telecommunications sector


Recent, high-profile network outages have shown how the convergence of people, processes and systems, accelerated by the introduction of new technologies, has created the potential for systemic failures to proliferate across the telecommunications eco-system, impacting multiple communications providers (CPs) at the same time.

Against this backdrop of increased risk and uncertainty, CPs should ask: are our existing approaches to resilience sufficient to meet customer and stakeholder expectations for service delivery?

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The art and science of prediction and how to improve results

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Horizon scanning, risk sensing, predictive analytics, forecasting, insight.  All of these terms imply some kind of mystical, deep learning, cutting edge technological solution; and technology plays a huge part in the ability to get better at prediction and spotting issues before they become crises.  However, no model or technical solution that anyone has discovered takes into account the often unpredictable nature of human behaviour. 

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How can I be sure it won’t happen to me? Lessons learned from 2017 and predictions for 2018

Primary 1 WThe past year has cemented crises as an unavoidable part of the modern business, political and regulatory landscape. The Grenfell Tower tragedy led to national outrage at public and private sector failures, while natural disasters rocked North and Central America with Hurricane Irma and earthquakes in Mexico. Cyber-attacks continue to disrupt organisations and internal scandals pulled global businesses into the limelight for all the wrong reasons.

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