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Sahil Tourani – From Dubai to DevOps With Deloitte

From Chemical Engineering to DevOps, Sahil Tourani is now based in London working on transforming the digital landscape whilst simultaneously taking advantage of the London restaurant scene.

Sahil (2)

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Savannah Watts – In the Forensic hot seat in St Albans

Associate in Financial Advisory on our Forensic Tech team, Savannah is a new addition to Deloitte. She’s been getting stuck into a wealth of projects, client requests and seating options. Read about her experience.


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Aditi Basu – The only way is SAP

Senior Consultant in Tech – Enterprise Applications, Aditi enjoys making life easier for people. One of our leading ladies in tech, she shares some of her Deloitte career highlights.


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Mehul & Sophia – Thriving in Human Capital

Variety is the spice of life in Human Capital. Delivering huge, successful events and driving innovation with other creative like-minds are just some of the on-the-job perks enjoyed by Managers Mehul and Sophia. See how they’re thriving in Human Capital.

Mehul & Sofia

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You are never too young to lead

We caught up with Chris Baker (working in Human Capital HR Applications and relationship manager for London Consulting’s charity partner, The Prince's Trust) after attending the One Young World summit in Bogota.

He shares his experience to date and his top tips for being a young leader. Check out his account below:

I recently attended the One Young World summit in Bogota and it was inspirational on many levels. The stories and achievements revealed by young speakers at the event were amazing, emotional, and humbling. And the one thing every individual had in common was their attitude to getting things done.

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What does Pride mean to our people and Deloitte GLOBE

We've reached out to number of members from the Deloitte Globe Network to find about their plans for Pride in London 2017, and to find out more about their individual stories and any tips they can share for the parade!

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Key tips for getting a job in programming

We've asked our Deloitte Digital colleagues to give us a quick tip sheet for those looking at a career in programming.

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Callum Keating's life-changing decision to join an apprenticeship

As an 18 year old, I understand the life-changing decisions that school leavers face. That’s why I want to give an insight into what it’s really like to make the jump from school to the world of work. Here’s the story of my first few exciting months as a Deloitte apprentice.

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Lauren Hughes apprenticeship experience in Cardiff

What’s it like to join Deloitte as an apprentice?

 My name’s Lauren and here’s my story.

I’m part of the 2016 Entry-level apprenticeship scheme, based in Cardiff. Although I’ve only been with the firm a short while, I’ve enjoyed every second of my time on the scheme.

I have met so many people since starting and gained so much knowledge, from colleagues, inductions and my college work.Lauren Hughes Photo

Dyslexia didn’t hold me back
The apprenticeship recruitment process was pretty thorough, which meant it was long, but very rewarding. Because I have dyslexia, I didn’t really think I’d get through it; I really lacked confidence, so I was completely humbled when I was shortlisted. In total, eleven of us were successful. Now we’re all together on the apprenticeship, supporting each other, and we all get along well.

Getting to know each other
We spent the first three days of the apprenticeship on induction in Liverpool, with Deloitte apprentices from all over the UK. It was exciting to meet all these new people and get to know each other.

The programme was amazingly well prepared and choreographed, with a presenter who was brilliantly engaging. We were given tasks to complete in groups, with people we’d only just met, and we were never in the same group more than once. This meant we got to meet everyone and share ideas. My only regret is that we didn’t swap details; I’d really like to have stayed in contact and built relationships with colleagues across the country. If I had my time again…

London calling
Our final induction included an overnight stay in London. This was completely different to Liverpool, as we were left to our own devices. That meant navigating the tube, and the hotel lift… no really, you’d be surprised how long that took to work out!  But between the eleven of us, we finally got to our rooms.

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Positive impact of agile working in our Newcastle office

Laura Harvey is a Professional Standards Review (PSR) manager in the Newcastle office. Since joining the firm in 2015 she has worked on a part-time basis and comes into the office only three days a week so that she can spend more time with her children. She flexes her work hours to arrive and leave an hour earlier than standard office hours, working from 8am to 4.30pm instead of 9am to 5.30pm.

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