Applying to Belfast Technology Consulting (some handy hints and tips!): Part 2

Part 2 – The Application

OK, I got through choosing my role, now I see an application - please tell me you have some hints and tips after all that Stef!?

Good news, I have plenty of hints and tips up my sleeve. The process begins with the application. It can be quite hard to think about framing an answer to the big questions. For me, it definitely helped to jota few thoughts on paper before committing to the online application.

What do I put for the question - Why Deloitte?

As I said, the big questions really get the brainwaves going! This is a question that is asked all the time - if not on the application form, it will certainly be asked at interview stage, so it is important to have a strong answer. Think about including;

  • Commercial awareness: what is happening in the market at the moment, what has Deloitte impacted upon? Make sure to use examples!
  • Career motivation: use examples of what Deloitte are currently working on and consider how you could see yourself helping and why you would choose Deloitte in particular.
  • Research: do plenty of research. There are many materials on the Deloitte website and on the web, utilise this. The more knowledge you have, the better! Don’t swamp your answers with detail, the knowledge you learn about Deloitte can be used during interview stage and DON’T just copy and paste aspects of Deloitte’s website.
  • Whilst you are answering questions, make sure to provide an answer that incorporates how you can see yourself in the firm, playing a particular role or function.

Hold on, Stef there is a second question, what do I put for - Why are you choosing this service line at Deloitte?

Well, this is a question that determines the thought behind your choice. With Deloitte there is so much variety (and variety is the spice of life), and many pathways and areas that you can choose from, so when you’re thinking about which service line to join, think

  • About the day-to-day life in that area, what you might be doing, the tasks and typical projects that you could be involved in.
  • Does your personality suit consulting?
  • How would you use your skills to work within your chosen service line? And be decisive - choose a service line and be committed with the answer you provide, this will show focus.


Deloitte look for certain qualities in candidates. Thinking about whether these sound like you will be helpful for both the application process and interviews

1.)    Communication - with clients and colleagues, written communication is important also

2.)    Achievement of goals - drive and determination to deliver

3.)    Commercial Awareness - understand the markets that Deloitte operates in

4.)    Career motivation - what potential role at Deloitte could you fill and how would this progress your personal development

5.)    Planning and organisational skills - essential skills

6.)    Adaptability - Deloitte is all about variety

7.)    Problem solving - be able to deal with all sorts of issues

After the application come the online tests and E-try exercise. We’ll pick up on those in Part 3.

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Applying to Belfast Technology Consulting (some handy hints and tips!): Part 1

Part 1 – Choosing a role

I applied for Deloitte Belfast Technology Consulting in October 2012, and got my offer in November 2012. I had my first day working for Deloitte in the Consulting Graduate Scheme on September 2013. If you’re considering applying to Deloitte and are looking for hints, tips and advice on your application, then read on!

First of all, it only took a month for me to go through the process and get a job offer at the end, which was pretty great!

So Stef, How do I apply to Belfast Technology Consulting?

That is a pretty good question- Make sure to have a read on the website with a cup of tea (or coffee if you prefer) and check out the range of opportunities that Deloitte offer:

Click on ‘Apply now’ on the sidebar (it’s on the left hand side of your screen)

On the page that opens, select the blue box ‘search for jobs’

The page that appears now shows the Deloitte Recruitment System, mid-way down the page there is a link ‘Click here to register for a vacancy’ - select this option.

Terms and Conditions appear- read them and if you agree, click on the tick box

Choose a vacancy type from the drop down menu - for Belfast Technology Consulting select ‘Consulting- Full Time Grad’

Now a whole lot of drop down menus appear. Take it easy, I’ll take you through the options.

First choice of vacancy - for this option select your preferred location. This is Belfast (the land of green fields and jolly people)

Select a preferred service line - For this make sure to pick Consulting (you will love it!)

Pick your intake year, and also a second choice of vacancy if you wish.

A few pre-registration questions appear - answer yes or no to the following questions and begin your quest application. Which we’ll pick up on in Part 2.

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Economics & Employment blog #1 - Could the squeeze on wages be about to loosen?

Thanks for clicking. Every month the economics team here at Deloitte look at significant economic trends from the point of view of the recruitment marketplace, and we are then able to share the resulting blog post with you. Number 1 is below.

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From Law to Technology Consulting…Really?

An unusual take on diversity at Deloitte from Stefanie Jameson.

'When I meet a previous work colleague, friend or family member, and they ask, ‘What are you up to these days?’ I know that when I give my answer, I will get a face staring back at me, with not only surprise/shock/confusion, but also the follow-up question, ‘Why?’

Well, I am going to try and answer that today and a starting point would be my A Levels. You see, I studied English, History and Politics which naturally set me up to do Law in University. Over the few years in university, (apart from the usual partying studying) I had racked up considerable work experience in Law and I had a training contact offered to me. This all sounds very promising, however…

One fateful day, in University, final year with the usual hectic deadlines, I heard that an employment fair was in the main assembly hall, so I decided to wander down. Now the main reason for me even heading down that direction was the promise of free food, (and I am sure anybody reading this, remembers their own broke student days). Anyway, I entered the assembly hall, wandered around the usual Law stands, and there wasn’t much ‘banter’ or ‘craic’ as we say in ‘Norn Iron’ (Northern Ireland….just in case). I stopped by the Deloitte stand, and I was chatting to a wee girl from Belfast for nearly an hour - it was the personality that grabbed me. However, she worked in audit. So she went over and above and gave me a few contacts in consulting…because let’s face it, there was no chance I could ever contemplate anything mathematical.

I left that day and thought I would give it a go. I’ll see what happens. I didn’t really contemplate the long term- ‘Stef, what if you actually get this job?’… that came later.

I was lucky enough to be offered a role and, after loving the atmosphere in the Belfast office, it really was a no brainer.

Tech Consulting meant for me that I would be more on the Business Analysis side of things, working primarily in tech projects helping the business- at a basic level- understand what they require from a piece of technology/implementation. I actually find that Law infiltrates Tech Consulting in loads of areas, and I wouldn’t swap my background for any I.T. related degree. It is noticeable that I have a different way of thinking, but actually it works.

Looking back, why did I make the decision I did? I guess it falls into 4 categories:

1.)    The people and diversity is awesome and I could feel that in the environment at my interview, even when I had sweaty palms etc. And I can now confirm this was the right first impression. I joined with 255 analysts, and met so many new people, including over 20 from Belfast from Belfast.

2.)    Deloitte’s reputation…enough said

3.)    You cannot live comfortably without technology. If anything, it’s only going to get more technical, so I got to join afield that is prospering and  exciting

4.)    You are well rewarded for the work you do.

Feel free to ask any questions about my background, technology, consulting, Deloitte in general or even the Belfast office.' Or read more about what we do by visiting


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Back to the Future: The world of work for students in 1994.

Last week I was having a new boiler plumbed into my house. All very interesting I hear you say (not to mention timely, what with the temperatures dropping) but what does this have to do with student recruitment?

Under the carpet in one of the spare rooms our plumber found an entirely intact copy of the Daily Mail from November 17th 1994. Resisting the urge to burn it immediately, I had a brief flick through and reached the Career Mail section (this being in the days when print advertising for job roles was still a multi £million business).

It so happened that this particular issue focused on the skills that Graduate recruiters of the day were chasing. It gave an interesting - albeit fairly brief and high level - insight into the working world that faced individuals graduating all the way back in 1994/1995. The headlines made for interesting reading…

Demand for students with engineering and financial qualifications was significantly outstripping supply. Recruiters were also looking beyond traditional academic qualifications for their students to possess the softer skills that would enable them to begin impacting the business they join early on – communication skills, commercial awareness, teamwork. The top graduate recruiters of the day included Price Waterhouse, Coopers & Lybrand, Ernst & Young and KPMG Peat Marwick, holding 4 of the top 5 positions in the newspaper’s run down.

Some 20 years later and what has changed we might immediately ask? Engineering in particular is still in huge demand. Those softer skills, for consulting and advisory businesses such as Deloitte, have never been so important. And the professional services firms still hold most of the Top 5 positions for graduate recruiters.

But there have been shifts over the last two decades.

For one, the article mentions employers beginning to see the value of the work experience or sandwich course options offered by the polytechnics. While the Poly’s themselves may be resigned to history, Deloitte is proud to now offer a huge range of work experience, placement and other chances to engage with and experience a working life at the firm. In fact we place increasing value on the skills that can be gained in work experience or teaming roles, wherever that experience may have been gained. Of course academics remain critical, but at interview we love to hear from students who have demonstrated important skills outside of the lecture  theatre.

Of course salaries have also changed (although, with an average of just under £15,000 at the time where no tuition fees were charged, the argument about being better off is hard to quantify).

The other massive, amazing and scarcely believable change from 1994 to 2013 is the absence of Deloitte from that previous list of top employers. From sitting outside the Top 12 in the mid 1990’s to being named Graduate Employer of Choice for Consulting in 2013. That’s an incredible period of growth and success we have seen and continue to build on. If being part of that kind of business is something which appeals, visit to find your path with us.

While you do that, I’m off to dig around under some more carpets to see what else I can find.

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Student Recruitment Autumn Roadtrip: Part 3

My name is James and I work as a Recruitment Officer in the Student Recruitment team. Having previously worked as a generalist HR Advisor, albeit with Graduate Recruitment responsibilities, my first graduate season with Deloitte is a full on experience. With events I have organised happening every day - sometimes several times a day - across the South, I am being kept very busy and meeting lots of graduates.

Today I am on my way to the Bath Careers Fair. I really enjoy the pace of career fairs, although it can go by in a bit of a blur – which I am sure is the same for students. Having come from a much smaller firm, I am enjoying not having my opening line to get students to talk to me being, ‘have you heard of us?’ Students have heard of Deloitte and we have a great reputation on Campus which makes it easier to start a more meaningful discussion about what they are looking for at the firm. I also find it very easy to promote Deloitte to students. Not just because we take on such a large number of graduates, from such a wide variety of backgrounds, but because the graduate scheme is such a great place to start a career - wherever you want it to take you.

I cannot help feeling that Career Fairs have their limits, and if students are generally interested in
careers in the professional services then coming to networking event will give a much better insight into what life is like in Deloitte. Deloitte’s flagship event is called the Autumn Careers Evening and we hold them at a number of universities in the South as well as across the rest of the UK.

Just arriving into Bath by train.
It has started to rain. Wish I had thought to bring an umbrella. 


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Student Recruitment - The Autumn Roadtrip: Part One

Our campus events kicked off this week. Across the course of this academic year the Deloitte Student Recruitment team will run over 1,000 events on campuses the length and breadth of the UK. We have literally just said goodbye to our summer students on Friday, and the following Monday it all starts again as we travel up to Edinburgh for our first event of the new season.

The nature of the work we do is very cyclical and changes depending on whether students are at school or university or on their holidays. We open our doors to applications on 1st July (with a 1750 hiring target, we need 15 months to identify and on-board the required calibre and volume of candidates) and we have noticed candidates applying earlier and earlier. So we use the last term at school and university to promote our 1st July opening for our programmes beginning the following autumn (2014 in this case). The summer months see us hosting over 350 summer interns, assessing the early bird applications and preparing for events in the coming academic year. It is quite daunting. The first event of 1000. That we have spent over 3 months in planning. Myself and the team are quite nervous, but also quite excited – from spending the last quarter in the office we are now out on campus. When students are back at university, so are we.

Week 1

We decided to travel by train to Edinburgh – the 5 hour journey gives me 5 hours quality laptop time!  It also allows us to run through any last minute preparation. We meet with the Scotland team and deliver some quality events in Edinburgh (we had 80 odd attendees), Glasgow (with 60 odd) and St Andrews (30 odd). The events require a massive resource commitment and we have at least 15 hosts from the business at each event. It is really important that students have the opportunity to talk to people from within the business and vice-versa. I think students initially choose a business to apply to by looking at their marketing materials, but to make a real choice on such an important decision as where to start your career – we need to meet!

As we continue on our travels, we’ll keep you updated on the events we run and some of the people we meet and you can keep up to date on our Facebook page.


All the best,


Rob Fryer - Head of Student Recruitment

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Social life in the Birmingham office

Life at Deloitte is not all about work, and this is evidenced by the thriving social scene and the variety and wealth of opportunities to socialise with colleagues out of the office.

The Annual Dinner is the highlight of the social calendar and is generally held in late-September, making it the ideal chance for any new starters to get to know the rest of their team, as well as other people from the whole office. In Birmingham, this black-tie event is traditionally held at the prestigious International Conference Centre and recent attendance of staff plus guests has been close to 700 people. The format of the night involves entertainment, such as casino and fun fair games, and dancing after the meal, as well as a host of fundraising activities in aid of the office charity.

DrinksIn addition to this annual event, there are also other events organised for the whole office and open to all service lines. ‘Atrium’ drinks are held on the first Friday of each month, and these consist of a congregation in the reception after work, with drinks and finger food provided. This is a great opportunity to catch up with other people in your department, as well as a perfect chance to build and maintain relationships with people from other service lines.


As well as the office socials, each department is likely to host their own social events and in Audit Advisory these are held on a monthly basis, with a different activity each month. Previous socials have included go-karting and quizzes, allowing colleagues of all grades to interact in a relaxed environment. As a first year, these chances to mix with senior team members have not only been very enjoyable but has also increased my confidence in interacting with Directors and Partners. The Christmas party is another Audit Advisory-specific social and last year this involved a three course meal at a Birmingham restaurant followed by drinks at a range of bars. On a more informal basis, people will often send out an email to everyone working in the department on a particular day to see if others fancy going for lunch or a drink after work.

By studying for the ACA qualification you can also join BCASS (Birmingham Chartered Accountants Students’ Society) and this group organise socials every month. Wine tasting, sports tournaments and pub quizzes are all examples of previous events and these are a good chance to meet people from other firms; the annual BCASS ball is a great night too – in a similar vein to the Annual Dinner but open to all ACA students in the city.

In addition to these social events, there are also a host of sports clubs within the office that are available to people of all abilities, from all service lines. Five-a-side football is organised on a weekly basis, with games between staff held at local astro-turf pitches. There are also teams for other sports such as cricket, hockey and netball that play in friendly matches and compete in local leagues throughout the season. These teams are a great way to keep fit as well as a chance to socialise with colleagues who share similar interests. Anyone interested can sign up to the mailing list to receive invitations to matches and training sessions, meaning you can confirm attendance when you are available but you aren’t obliged to attend when you are too busy or have other plans.

I have lost track of the number of social events I have attended since I started in Audit Advisory roughly 12 months ago, and I have managed to forge strong relationships with the rest of my team but also staff members from other service line.  Whether you have an active interest in a particular sport or you just like to wind down at the end of the week with a couple of drinks, there will always be a chance to mix with like-minded colleagues.

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Why Deloitte?

Early in your career it’s a good idea to join a big firm. Deloitte heavily invests in your development. You will gain professional qualifications that will boost your CV. You will receive a lot of training along the way that will give you hugely valuable skills. I was sent to Dublin for three weeks to learn Java. Having never done coding I experienced a steep learning curve (and got to discover Dublin which I had never been to).

At Deloitte you also have a much broader range of options as to where you want to take your career. We are such a big firm that no matter where your interests lie, there will always be something for you. We work across the private, public and financial sectors and within those cover a wide range of industries. We work for the automotive industry, the healthcare industry, insurance firms etc. Though you are initially encouraged to get a flavour across the board, eventually people specialise in one area.

Another great thing about Deloitte is its community investment. There are a lot of charity events, such as the Christmas Pudding Race, and Movember that sees your friends and colleagues make fools of themselves for charity, but also more serious ones such as the Ride Across Britain event. We are also encouraged to do pro bono work where we offer our skills and services for free for a good cause.

Finally, you will meet a lot of impressive and fun people along the way. With a consulting graduate intake of nearly 300 people you will get to make a lot of new friends and will always have someone to go for a drink with after work. There are lots of social events also. Yesterday I was at a “Women in Technology” event  where Judi James, who worked for Big Brother, talk to us about confidence and resilience, and Jay Kumar taught us about Bollywood dancing and the Gangnam style dance. Tonight all technology analysts are invited to an open bar to catch up with our fellow colleagues. Deloitte has a very good stand on work life balance and the social events will mean you will never get bored.

The reasons mentioned above made me choose Deloitte to start my career. Clearly, the statistics about the firm also speak for themselves so check out our website if you want to learn more.

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Best bits of working as an auditor in the Aberdeen office

I joined Deloitte in September 2010 with a non-relevant background, having studied Biochemistry at Aberdeen University. Aberdeen had grown on me during my time at university as it is neither too big, nor too small, and within 15 minutes’ drive of the city centre you can feel like you have escaped everything.  I now work as an assistant manager within the audit department in the Aberdeen office and have just passed my final ICAS exam, TPE.  Coming from a non-relevant background, I only had a very vague idea what audit was when I applied. Below I share some of what I see as the ‘best bits’ of working as an auditor in the Aberdeen office. Hopefully this will give you some insight into what is involved in my job.


I have been fortunate enough to work on audits which have allowed me to travel. I worked on one which was in Houston, another in London and a couple of audits just up the road in Inverness. Other people within the office have travelled to Dubai and as far away as the Falkland Islands. Due to the majority of Aberdeen office clients working in the oil industry, they often have offices in oil & gas hubs around the world. Yes, you still have to work hard whilst away but there is always the opportunity to see the sights at weekends and you could even tag a few days holiday on to the end of a work trip if you wanted.

Meeting new people

To me, this is one of the best parts of working in audit. You are always meeting new people, whether this is new client contacts or just new faces within Deloitte.

On each audit you work in a team with others in order to complete the work needed. The teams you work in can vary in size from just two people, for a very small piece of work, to twenty plus people if the client is a very large multi-national company. You will work on several audits a year and each team will be different, giving you the opportunity to get to meet a lot of different people, from different backgrounds. As you can often spend long hours working together on an audit you have to be able to get along with each other. There are also regular social events going on in the office giving you the opportunity to get to know people from other service lines. The Aberdeen office is one of the smaller regional offices and therefore everyone knows each other to at least say hello to when you pass in the corridor.

As you progress through your training contract you will find that you will work with some of the same clients for several years in a row, whilst others you will only work with once. The longer you work with a client the more you are able to build a really good working relationship with them. It is always interesting to meet new people and to get to know their company.


I like that what I do each day can vary depending on the client I am working on, the people I work with and on the time of year. Although auditors generally have similar work to do with each client, each company is different and have their individual issues or events that have happened during the year, meaning the work required varies a lot. There is the opportunity to work on a variety of clients, from small owner run businesses to large multi-national companies. There is also often the opportunity to gain experience of other service lines or offices. I had a short secondment to the Corporate Finance department within the Aberdeen office and have worked with colleagues from other offices or departments who have come on secondment to Aberdeen.

There are of course also long hours and tight deadlines at times, but the Partners are keen for you to get as much as you can from a career with Deloitte, and will do what they can to help ensure you get the correct variety of experiences along the way to help you succeed.

Claire West - Assistant Manager, Aberdeen

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