Wellbeing, diversity and inclusion - Lauren’s story

Lauren joined our consulting team through a graduate scheme. She talks to us about how Deloitte fosters a diverse and inclusive environment.



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Strong leadership in a diverse world - Mobina’s story

An avid yogi, Mobina is a Director within Deloitte’s Cloud Strategy team and the People and Purpose Lead for Cloud Engineering. She believes that the company’s focus on wellbeing and diversity is a big part of what drives success.



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Namrata Sharma – A Win for ethical AI and a win for women

Namrata has made a significant impact on Deloitte since joining as Assistant Manager in 2019. With a fast track to Manager, and a number of awards under her belt, Namrata is leading the way for women everywhere.



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Build your own path - Teresa’s story

Teresa, a software developer at Deloitte Digital in Belfast, has always had a passion for technology. She talks about leaving the North West for Belfast and the opportunities she’s discovered since joining the firm.


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A mentoring journey – Chi’s story

For Chi Onugha, a Commercial Lawyer in Consulting QRS Legal, mentoring is a way to give back to others. After several years volunteering with the Amos Bursary, he is now a mentor at Deloitte outside of his main role, and supports the firm with our long-term diversity goals. Chi talks about his early experiences as a mentor, why it means so much to him and the future of equitable inclusion.



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Fighting climate change - Cathy’s story

Cathy Li joined Deloitte’s Tax team as an Analyst last month, but that’s not the only place she shines. She’s also a youth advocate for sustainability and volunteers with a range of different organisations to help combat climate change. As a government appointed UK ambassador for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow this week, she explains why the topic is so important to her generation.


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Driving innovation - Sarah’s story

Sarah has been working with Deloitte for more than a decade and recently joined the Deloitte Ventures team in London from Chicago. She talks about her latest role helping the firm and our clients to innovate.

Sarah Huey 3

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Ray Morris – A rewarding career in Tax

After joining through our Graduate Scheme, Ray’s revelling in the variety of challenges he faces as a Tax Analyst in our Reading-based Reward Team.


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The freedom to shape his own career is what it’s all about for Adam

Adam’s technical and communication skills have developed enormously since he’s been here – he puts it down to the autonomy and great support he gets.



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Meredyth on the support that drives her

Being surrounded by great people who are always happy to offer their support is giving Meredyth the confidence to realise her potential.

Msm image2

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