Harry Thomas-Jones – BrightStart Apprenticeship

We sat down with Harry to discuss his career, wellbeing and why Birmingham is so special to him…

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Anyone for coffee?

When Covid-19 hit, we suddenly found ourselves working from home. While there are obvious benefits – no commute and snacks on tap – many of us miss the personal connections. So how do you keep that going in our new virtual-working-world?

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Tom – Industrial Placement

Tom’s career opportunities literally fell into his lap. He discovered Deloitte’s schemes and never looked back. Now, he’s working from the Leeds office on some of the biggest clients we have. We spoke to him about his journey and how he’s found working within the Leeds team.

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How Jas tackles climate change between exams

Being part of such a supportive and friendly community in Manchester has helped Jas excel in the office and in her exams.

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Jade’s enjoying the scope and support to succeed

Jade knew that joining a global company would offer far-reaching opportunities. But she’s amazed by the variety, scope and support that she’s experienced so far at Deloitte.

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Meredyth on the support that drives her

Being surrounded by great people who are always happy to offer their support is giving Meredyth the confidence to realise her potential.

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A Good Scrub

Shirley is an Executive Assistant in our Tax business and has worked for Deloitte for 25 years. She's dusted off her sewing machine to sew much-needed scrubs for the NHS.


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Stop to taste the coffee

Have you ever felt like you’re not doing lockdown ‘right’? With social media feeds full of folks filling their time with endless life-enriching activities, it can be easy to think we’re surviving rather than thriving. But are we forgetting what really matters?

Ryan Hopkins WFH-min

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The future is bright

COVID-19 is personal. Everyone has a different story to tell about how the pandemic is affecting them and their loved ones.

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Man’s best friend

There’s nothing like a pandemic to help us appreciate the little things. Our neighbours and communities coming together. A cup of coffee to start the day. Shared meals as a family. Our kids. Our pets.

Mans best friend collage

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