Diya Gera — Laying the foundations of an exciting career in Real Estate

From the day she joined as Graduate Surveyor, Diya’s been given the trust and responsibility to show her skills and make an impact on big projects. 


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Montine Walters – Bringing a wealth of risk knowledge to Tax

From London to Africa, from the Middle East to the UN in New York, Montine has experienced it all. Her years of experience have helped her to gain invaluable knowledge, and to prepare her for becoming an Associate Director in Tax.

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Megan McGowan - A BrightStart in tax

Megan wanted to get a BrightStart in the tax sector, after realising University wasn't the right option for her. Now she is constantly learning new and exciting skills to help her progress her career further. 

Megan McGowan - Project Hashtag - Amsterdam Picture

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Mahfuza Khatun – Discovering attention grabbing tax careers

Mahfuza wanted a challenge, so she joined our graduate scheme. What she didn’t know, was that she was about to discover a career she would adore as an Analyst in our Global Employer Services team. 

Mahfuza Khatun Photo 1

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Sadiq Mohammadi – Securing your future with a BrightStart in tax

Sadiq was unsure on his future path until he discovered BrightStart. Now he’s an analyst in our tax team, and he’s blossoming while working hard to create brilliant work in Global Employer Services. 

Sadiq Mohammadi - image 4

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Kinga Czuchrowska - From Home Office to Deloitte’s office in Tax

Starting off in the Home Office set Kinga up perfectly for her future. After working for the Home Office for a number of years, where she made great friends and learned about the significance of immigration on people and businesses, she decided she was ready for a new challenge and joined Deloitte.


Kinga - picture 4

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Eliot Smith - Consulting on the SI All Hands event

Eliot joined Deloitte as a graduate and has been excelling since. When he’s not working as an Analyst in the Systems Integration department, he is organising events. This year, he organised the SI All Hands, an event filled with guest speakers and sunshine.


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Louise Nickson – Helping colleagues grow and achieve the impossible within Consulting

Louise worked for us back in 2002 as a graduate. After she left, she realised how much she missed it and came right back. Now she is thriving in her role as a Director in our Technology Strategy & Transformation team.

Louise Nickson8964 (3)

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Jeremy Gillman and Ben Dixon – Making the big move to Deloitte’s Financial Advisory

Jeremy and Ben joined the Real Estate department after being headhunted by recruitment agencies.

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Chris Wademan and Rachel Yates – From School Runs to Reviews in Audit & Assurance

Whether it’s making the school runs, or completing charity activities, Deloitte has always been flexible with Chris and Rachel's work in Auditing.

July social_Joint blogs-2

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