Verdhan Shah: Travelling around the world

A career in Audit & Assurance can take you to some exciting places. Assistant Manager Verdhan spent his first day on a new client on a plane to Boston! And has since travelled all round the world, meeting some inspiring people. He shares his experience with us

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Ben Slater: My brilliant first year as a BrightStart

I work in Global Employment Services (GES) and sit in the Enterprise Group team who deal with smaller clients. I am based in Deloitte’s Reading office and joined as a BrightStart and I’m coming towards the end of my first year with Deloitte and wanted to share a few thoughts on my experience so far.

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Sam Heskin: From leisure industry to BrightStart Analyst

After working in the leisure industry, Sam wanted a big career change. He also knew university wasn’t for him, so our BrightStart program was the perfect gateway to the new career he wanted. Read his story.



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Alexios Kamizoulis: Working abroad in Cyber

Alexios is sharing his story of working in Copenhagen for 10 months and working flexibly throughout the weeks to fit his active lifestyle. Continue reading to get to know what a career in Cyber with us looks like. 


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Agile you, agile me, agile us: Meet Dave  

Working from home one day a week. Leaving early to pick the kids up from school. Taking a Time Out over the summer. Each of us live a different life and there are many ways we can use agile working to find that perfect balance. Dave Sharples is a manager in IT Services, but he also saves lives in between his job. You can’t really put a time schedule on something as big as that, that’s why we help him as much as possible with agile working. He joined Deloitte 22 years ago and has been a volunteer Community First Responder for the last five years. Read his story.



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Advice from Deloitte people: How to ace your assessment day

From application to assessment, bagging your dream job isn’t easy, but it also shouldn’t be a daunting experience. It’s a new challenge and an opportunity to show recruiters what you have to offer. If you have an assessment day coming up, don’t worry - read advice from people who have gone through it, and made a success of it.


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Matthew Robinson


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Meet Sheree, one of the UK’s most influential women in tech


Born in Sri Lanka, Sheree was adopted at three weeks old and raised in Northern Ireland. Now a Belfast-based Technical Business Consultant, she has inspired thousands as UK Expansion Director for Women Who Code, the largest non-profit in its space, with over 137,000 members globally.

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Caitlin's ready to take on the hackers

Caitlin Smith_Cyber_individual_Stonecutter 01

Exciting, meaningful, and full of challenges. Caitlin sought a career that would deliver all this, and she found it in Cyber Risk. In her short time here, she’s already stepped in to help on a serious cyber attack.

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BrightStart Apprenticeship Experiences: Analysing Business Needs and Requirements


Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 11.37.12

Based in Belfast, Rhianna has shared with us her recent experience in the BrightStart scheme. She is looking forward to travelling and volunteering in the future. Read below her thoughts on the opportunities the scheme brought for her.

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Day in the life – Audit & Assurance, Fiona Grew, International, St Albans

Deloitte-uk-careers-audit-fiona-grew_700Why did you choose Deloitte?

First it was the opportunity to do a qualification. Then when I attended campus events it was the people that I meet from Deloitte. They were the most personable.

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