From hiking in Austria to identifying cyber risks at work, Risk Advisory Senior Consultant, Sanya, enjoys the work/life balance she’s able to achieve at Deloitte.


How was the application process and what advice do you have for others?

The application process took almost six months from the time I first applied to receiving an offer. It involved multiple stages including online assessments and video assessments followed by an interview with a director which also included a case study presentation. My advice to anyone else applying would be to be patient and to be your honest self during the assessments and interviews. It is also important to go to the interview well prepared but not over prepared. Everyone at the firm is friendly and understanding, so if you are unable to answer a question don’t make up an answer. It’s always better to say you will find out rather than saying something that is inaccurate.

Has anything surprised you about working here?

The culture and warmth I feel from the team and the whole Cyber practice surprised me when I joined. I had a view of an extremely competitive environment with long work hours and intense deadlines, but this is far from reality. Everyone at Deloitte builds relationships with their peers and puts in effort to get to know one another, making the work more enjoyable.

How do you explain your job to friends and family?

When I tell my friends and family I work in Cyber Security, they somehow assume that means I hack people for a living. This is far from what Cyber is! I now tell people I work in Risk Management and Data Privacy within Cyber, helping clients with their cyber and data privacy strategies, as well as identifying risks. Our team then proposes mitigation measures for these risks and develops frameworks, tools and technologies that ensure clients are in compliance with risk management, cyber security, as well as data privacy laws and regulations, such as the GDPR. Cyber has become top of the agenda for many companies and clients. Moving to a digital era has brought about this renewed focus on Cyber and it is exciting to work in an industry that is growing so fast.

Tell us about your progression since joining Deloitte

At Deloitte, I have been given the chance to learn by observing and doing. I’ve learnt not to shy away from tasks and to accomplish things to the best of my abilities, knowing that I have people who are standing by my side to encourage me. I have grown professionally and personally and gained multiple professional skills (Excel and Powerpoint to name the obvious)! I have also learned how to communicate with clients, peers and leaders within and outside the firm.

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time I go running, hiking, cycling and walking because I love being outdoors. I enjoy cooking and baking, so if I’m not outside, I’m experimenting with new recipes in my kitchen after work- which sometimes ends in disaster! In a pre and post Covid world, I enjoy travelling and you can find me planning my next adventurous trip, whether that’s a hike in Austria or a Tough Mudder race. I also like painting and sketching when I get the chance. Luckily a work/life balance is encouraged at Deloitte, giving me time to pursue my hobbies.


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