A recent graduate, Enrica’s role in Financial Advisory means she’s helping to prevent financial crime. We talk to her about how she’s developed since joining Deloitte.

Enrica IG

What attracted you to Deloitte and was there anything that surprised you?

Deloitte has an international reputation for being a forward thinking and respectable company.  I was attracted to the firm because I’ve always wanted to work somewhere that aims to make a real change and contribution. Although I knew that diversity is important here, I was still pleasantly surprised by how unique everyone’s background truly is, both in terms of education and culture. It has allowed me to learn much more than I expected from each one of my colleagues.

What advice do you have for others who are keen to start their career at Deloitte?

My advice is to be honest and confident with your answers and background. As an entry-level applicant, you are not expected to know everything about the job or the industry you will work in. What matters the most is that you show you are enthusiastic and eager to learn. My favourite part of the process was my final round interview in which I had the opportunity to meet future colleagues and understand more about the job and Deloitte’s culture.

How do you explain your job to friends and family?

It can be very hard to understand what financial crime is. Sometimes people think the job is similar to the Secret Intelligence Service, but it is actually quite different.  When I tell friends and family about my role, I compare the job to consulting. We highlight issues and help our clients make changes and improvements accordingly. All you need is your problem solving and analytical skills, and to be enthusiastic!

How have you grown since joining Deloitte?

During the past four months, I have grown personally and professional.  Transitioning from university to working life is challenging, but it’s also been a really exciting experience. I learn new skills every day. For example, I have learnt to analyse data in detail and think about how I can make improvements and solve problems. By talking to colleagues and clients, I have sharpened my written and verbal communication skills.

How does Deloitte support your wellbeing?

Deloitte is a very inclusive place and I’ve been made to feel welcome by everyone. They also have several support systems in place for wellbeing, to make sure employees can ask and receive help whenever needed. My team is always very supportive and leaders ensure that we have the right balance between work and personal life.


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