Namrata has made a significant impact on Deloitte since joining as Assistant Manager in 2019. With a fast track to Manager, and a number of awards under her belt, Namrata is leading the way for women everywhere.



Tell us about your current role and why you chose it?

Being an experienced hire, I had the opportunity to look around and choose where I wanted my career to go. The main thing that attracted me to Deloitte was the work culture and best-in-class professional services – things I had heard a lot about during my career. Diversity was a really important factor to me, and with the gender ratio at 45% I felt that this was the place for me, especially considering the fact that previous organisation I have worked have been limited on this space.

The opportunities for growth, career progression, learning and development are diverse, inclusive and exciting! I joined Deloitte in 2019 as Assistant Manager and since then it has been a very positive and enriching journey. I have received recognition for the high-quality delivery of the work I have managed at client sites, as well as achieving a promotion in 2020 to Manager, and subsequently receiving 2 Deloitte Impact Awards.

In terms of personal learning and development, how has Deloitte supported you?

I continue to expand my knowledge and have opportunities for growth at every turn. I get to work on a wide range of projects at multiple client sites - this helps me to expand my horizons and enhance my business acumen. I’ve also found a great tool called ‘Saba Learning’ which is part of Deloitte’s learning portal (all staff are encouraged to access and utilise this). Given that my specialist field is banking and capital markets, this portal has enabled me to develop my knowledge and become an expert in the technical aspects of banking – such as around Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) controls and implementation. 

What do you think is the most exciting aspect of working in financial services at the moment?

The pandemic has had a huge impact on the financial services industry (and every other sector!) – especially in terms of the penetration/expansion of AI and cloud service technology. The speed of transformation has been exponential and businesses (particularly in the banking sector), must prioritise operational resilience and business continuity. This has created certain challenges as well as opportunities for businesses like Deloitte and professionals like me.

Additionally, the recent integration of climate change and ESG factors have brought about paradigm shift in terms of operating model and risk considerations.

So, outside of Deloitte, what do you like to do?

I enjoy doing various things in my spare time such as travelling and volunteering, but something I’m really thrilled to mention about is one of the Deloitte’s Respect & Inclusion networks which I co-founded - ‘Women for Ethical AI Network’, the network was launched in February 2021. I was very happy to start a network from scratch especially during the pandemic and I’m currently leading it globally. I’m a self-starter and it was lovely to see the support I received from partners, directors and other colleagues. It feels good to be surrounded by people who are there to encourage and support you. The network has been running for more than 6 months and in a short space of time, it has garnered membership from more than ten of Deloitte’s global locations. The network organises various activities and the monthly & quarterly events are the most sought-after having participation of more than 500 viewers from more than 35 countries. find out more here.

If friends and family ask you what your job involves, what do you say?

I tell my friends that I’m a problem solver and I solve client’s problems by utilising my skillset – something that has been built through my acquired industry experience and academic knowledge. Based within the Audit & Assurance Team, I get the opportunity to work on wide range of projects, but my prime focus is on banking and capital markets.

Final question. What do you think makes a great leader?

A great leader is a person who creates optimum growth environment through strategies that align a motivated team towards a common goal as well as ensures team’s mental and general wellbeing. This is what I have also learned whilst at Deloitte from examples around me and the support of the company.


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